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  1. This is true, but the drive came from an Iomega enclosure. The model numbers matched, but because it was an LC firmware (not SD), it wouldn't flash. So, I had to force it. It's been a couple weeks and haven't bumped into any issues. Could you please explain how exactly you proceed to FORCE the flashing? I'm having this same problem.
  2. Had no luck with my first try to get some help Maybe this time...
  3. Hi everybody, I'm sinking into despair after having tried for two days to fix my Barracuda HD. I hope someone could give me some help Ok, this is my HD: 1Gb, ST31000333AS, firmware LC15. I've been able to set up the connection between the computer and the HD trough a DKU5 cable. I could complete almost all the steps suggested by Aviko, Gradius and some others, getting the expected messages (spin out, spin up...) in the hyperterminal. BUT the last one: when I write m0,2,2,,,,,22 and click enter I clearly hear the HD stops and nothing appears on the screen, no matter how long I wait. I've tried everything I've found in this forum and nothing works (covering head, motor, both...). If I shut down the HD after N1, as stated in Gradius guide, it seems the HD returns to the busy state and when I power again the HD the hyperterminal doesn't respond. I've read almost every page in this thread and I've found a few references to this problem of no response after m0,2,2..., but no solution. Anyone has a clue? Thanks