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  1. Hi John and Sp0iLeDBrAt, thank you both for your responses. Unfortunately, I tried your suggestions but still had no luck. I finally installed a full XP and got the CHM IFilter running. However, this filter did not work very good, especially in handling large .chm files. The best way to index .chm files is, still, to convert them into .pdf format. This is the lesson I learned, and hopefully, it may help someone make a more informed decision in the future. Thank you all, and cheers!
  2. John, thanks again for this detailed and helpful reply. I'll experiment with the suggestions you offered this weekend, and will let you know what I get. Thanks and have a nice day!
  3. Perhaps this is implying that Indexing Service is needed. I am not inclined to DL and install it on my system, so I suggest you seek a forum or the Support section of the CHM IFilter site. I am suspecting Sp0iLedBrAt is correct and Indexing Service is needed. Enjoy, John. Thanks John, I'll give "indexing service" a try. By the way, is there an easy way to bring "indexing service" back without reinstalling or nliting the whole system? I mean, is there a simple way to get cisvc.exe working(modifying a few registry entries, installing an .inf file, etc.)? Thanks and good night!
  4. Hello John, thanks so much for your kind reply. Yes, I'm running a pretty old nlited XP SP2. It has been working just fine since I built it. That's why I didn't use the latest nlite. I've found out that the removal of "Help and Support" is irrelevant. The CHM IFilter worked normally on my virtual machine which also does not have "Help and Support." As regards dtsearch, it is a useful and fast text search engine: it extracts texts from .pdf .doc etc. and make them searchable. However, dtsearch itself can't extract text from .CHM files. It needs CHM IFilter, a plugin that makes .CHM files extractable. Please see the following two sites for details: w w w.dtsearch.com w w w.citeknet.com/ifilters/chm.aspx Thanks again!
  5. Hello Sp0iLedBrAt, thanks for your quick reply. Windows "Help and Support" is a pain to have But I would like to give it a try. Is there a way I can bring "Help and Support" and "Indexing Service" back without reinstalling the system? Thanks again!
  6. Thank you, John; I finally managed to find my Last Session file. Please see the attachment. Thanks again.
  7. Hello guys, I just tried to use CHM Ifilter in dtsearch, but the filter didn't work. It didn't extract words from CHM files. I tried this in an un-nlited Full XP SP2 environment, and the filter worked just fine. Can someone help me to identify the cause of the problem? Note: In my nlited XP SP2, I removed windows index service; not sure if this is the culprit. (But I am pretty sure that both chm ifilter and dtsearch are NOT dependent on windows index service; and I do have query.dll on my nlited system). Thanks and cheers. LAST SESSION (205403.22-12.29.08).INI
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