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  1. Hi, I am using Aero Studio (2007) to create a multiboot DVD for Windows XP, Vista and 7. I've designed it all, and copied all the installation discs: D:\Multiboot\ D:\Multiboot\boot\ #Boot Files D:\Multiboot\Sources\ D:\Multiboot\Sources\Win7\ #7 Installation D:\Multiboot\Sources\WinV\ #Vista installation D:\Multiboot\Sources\XP\ #XP Installation D However I don't know how to load a .bin file from AeroStudio. I was going to use BCDW, but then it came up with something about ISOemu. Also, how do I load the Windows 7 install as it doesn't have an i386 I was vaguely following a tutorial but got stuck at loading bins and Windows Vista/7 Thanks in Advance
  2. Download WSUS Oflline update (CT Update) http://download.wsusoffline.net/ This downloads Microsoft Updates for offline use. WUD or RyanVM Packs are just collections of updates up until a certain point. For example the latest RyanVM Pack includes all updates until March 2010. The difference in WSUS Oflline Update is that it acts as Windows Update; it downloads a list of updates from Microsoft, the same way WU would, then downloads all of them. I made a disc that has nearly every XP Update. You can also download updates for Windows Vista and 7 aswell as Office 2003,2007,2010. http://www.famegadget.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/Download-Windows-7-Update-with-WSUS-Offline-Update..png This means you can download just about every update possible. Also includes various language and localized options. Select all the updates in the WXP -ENG Select the USB version, otherwise it will just give you an ISO that automatically installs all updates using a version of WSUS.
  3. I have been using the multiboot dvd flyakite tutorial to make my own. On the xp pro SP1, it talks about creating the boot folder. My drive letter is also D: and the folders are in exactly the same place so i ran D:\AIO-DVD\SETUP\XP\Professional\i386\winnt32.exe /noreboot - then it came up with the windows installation screen, and a dialog box, with a title of "Network Component Upgrade" and in the dialog box saying it cannot read from netmap.inf, so the upgrade option won't be avalible. This is fine as you are not meant to upgrade in the tutorial. Then after i've selected all the settings stated in the tutorial, i start the install, and after a few seconds it comes up with a windows saying the install cannot be completed, so now I am unable to obtain the boot folders. Any help -- much appreciated.
  4. I have downloaded and used both Fly-A-Kite OSX and windows 7 transformation pack4 (windowsx) and I have intergrated the windows 7 pack into my XP setup files, but i was wondering if the same was possible with Fly-A-Kite OSX??, as I could set up a .bat file that would choose between the two. If intergration isn't possible would a silent install??. I can't find out what type of setup file it is so i am stuffed any help?? http://osx.portraitofakite.com/ Download: http://majorgeeks.com/FlyakiteOSX_d5210.html
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