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  1. If you get board.... check out my BLOG!
  2. Don't Worry..... not that you were All is fixed... I used the switches that the program suggests not whats mainly on this site! it worked.
  3. cool.... I've decided to live with them all now as adding cmdow to the pskill popups still pops up and says cmdow.... so its one or the other really I think I have gotten all of the bugs out of my XPCD now... testing later.
  4. Dont worry.... gave up. Using Sygate... now it wont register and wont work properly after windows is running...
  5. alrighty... all is fix BUT one thing... my Outpost Issue that is in the applications area! also is there supposed to be two cmd's opening at the T13 mark they simply say "1 file copied" It's not a big issue but just wanted to know what it all was. thanks
  6. it didnt work.... im changing the first line to "%systemdrive%\install\Outpost\Outpostsilent.exe /S" hopefully that works.
  7. before i edited it.. it wasn't working either which is why i 'believe' it's not the prob. but will have another look.
  8. thanks... I just found this one RunWait, OutpostProInstall.exe /s WinActivate, Install Send, {ESC} WinWaitClose, Install,,5 [ADLIB] Install,, Send, {ESC} so will give it a whirl morrow. The search function here leaves a lot to be desired. Couldnt use yours.... im can't read or speak spanish!
  9. thats what im using for my theme.... hmmm I wonder what up there. i'll give cmdow a go....
  10. How do I supress the Outpost Reboot box? I have looked through some resources but found no answers, if there is an answer that I missed please ad a link to the thread and say what page it's on... thanks in advance
  11. Ok... sorry if these are answered somewhere in the MSFN Jungle 1. Is it possible to make cleanup.cmd not open a msdos window? 2. Can I also make PSKill.exe and Sleep.exe not open Msdos Windows? 3. I have followed what information that is available on this site for setting the default theme at install within the winnt.ini, but its not working. I just get the old windows look. I can change to mine later so the uxtheme.dll is patched. I have edited my .theme to customize sounds and cursors also. but believe this isn't the issue... 4. How do I delete links from the "Administrators" Desktop. I have the %ALLUSERSPROFILE% but cannot find anything about any others... I am testing with %ADMINISTRATORPROFILE% later (prob tommorow as its getting too late to install now) thanks in advance.
  12. is there a way to silently run pskill? tried /s and didn't work and looked at the progs /? nothing there.....
  13. thanks asta... i have searched and thats how i got the info i have... which aren't working. if there is wronf ways on the site maybe they should be deleted.
  14. thanks... i just tested /silent then saw your reply... will use verysilent as silent still flashes some info up
  15. cleanup.cmd prepare..... i dont have. :/ i'll look into that. didn't see it in the list. Astalavist.... sorry about the title. wont do that again. just PM me about these things as many threads also get clogged up with admin corrections too ** Edit ** I just ran the runonceex.cmd and the only issues were the "too many paramaters on acrobat and mp10. help here will also be great.
  16. Winnt.sif Runonceex.cmd I did have the runonceex.cmd in the $OEM$ dir but that didn't work so it's now in the $1 dir....Also you posted: oempreinstall=yes I have oempreinstall = yes is that an issue? huh?
  17. OK.... I have made my own XPCD, setup all the things to be installed from bit n' pieces off this site and I try installing (within virtualPC) and it installs xp and my icons and skin but forgets the rest: applications, regtweaks and cursors. So far it seems that it does go through the runonceex.cmd (or it wouldnt use my icons) but the apps aren't installed and regtweaks arn't either... can someone help?? I'll only post the files if asked.
  18. ?? still no answer ?? I have tried out flash get but find it just doesnt compare to leechget. leech will follow a link to find the file rather than just download the .php filr.
  19. yep... cool... sorry. lets all get over it. My bad. thanks for the help but this is becoming a whinge thread.
  20. Am I correct in believeing that putting this into my regtweaks will set my resolution for me during install?? Thankyou in advance anyone who helps.
  21. Now.... DONT SAY "USE THE SEARCH" as I have. All of the ways of making thunderbird (just like firefox) are riduculas for nothing more than a simple silent install. Why are these two progs so hard to use. For firefox i used the FFDeploy method which fingers crossed worked. But there is no TBDeploy that I know of and I dont need anything except for thunderbird to install.. no profiles, no extension..... so is there any SIMPLE way (other than copy and paste!)?
  22. @allanoll... didn't mean to sound ungrateful. And to all that have said he is the most helpful, im sure he is helpful but he wasn't here. He could of simply told me the answer and that I could have gotten it from a simple copy /? "to me, Basic knowledge includes a simple /?" yes... TO YOU. Im sorry i missed it but I did. And posting "google it" image dont help sometimes. If you don't now that it's a simple thing you wont look there. The bad thing about this is that I once KNEW the old /Y as I spent a lot of time refusing to use window 3.1 And when told my memory was jogged. I Agree... huh? i wasnt acting psycho... just pointing out rude behavior (which is lacking on the net)
  23. Mosselman... have you made a STEP by STEP guide to your idea. rjs1980... do you have this already made up? as I honostly couldn't be bothered There doesn't seem to be 'simple' ways of installing fox and bird... While they are great programs they are s***s to unattend.

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