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  1. I got my data back! I bought a CA-42 from Amazon ($1.50 plus $3.00 shipping) and had no troubles at all following the steps. The hardest part was attaching the little wires from the CA-42 cable to the jumpers. I stripped back the wires about 3/8", twisted them, and then folded the end over to make a little loop. Then I used a 1" long piece of scotch tape (electrical tape might have been easier - maybe). By placing the tape just 1 mm (or less) beyond the end of the looped copper wire and then rolling the tape in a tight roll so that the there is a nice little opening showing the copper wires inside, I was able to make a jerry-rigged jumper. After placing the three wires on the proper terminals, I taped them down so they would not move during the operation. All other instructions worked perfectly. Also, I did not need to "short" the head contacts. I just used a business card cut to about 3/8" X 2" inch and only needed to loosen the one PCB screw close to the motor contacts. The narrow end of the card only had to slip about 1/2" under the board to separate the motor contacts. I have a "slightly used" CA-42 cable properly labeled that I am willing to resell to get back my cost and research time (maybe $15 plus shipping costs). Just email me and I will send today! Thanks to so much Gradius and others for keeping hope alive on the stupid Seagate firmware problem of 2009/2010!
  2. I guess another question - does anyone in this thread have the equipment and just want to sell/rent the setup to me after you have finished with it? I will promptly return it to you. Even better if you are in Utah. Thanks.
  3. Did you ever get the answer for HP24? I have same problem. Hoping to recover data.