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  1. Okay...time to post the sad hard truth in hopes that someone else might benefit from my misery. If you're getting maxed CPU usage and you are running INTEGRATED graphics (like Nvidia GeForce 9100), make sure you check CPU temps. Open the box, pull out the over-priced can of compressed air and blow out the heat exchanger and fan. This is as simple a fix as a car that won't start, but not checking to see if there is gas in the tank! Never would have believed it, but after checking countless forums for a week, an Nvidia forum revealed the fix that integrated graphics, lame though they are, are especially susceptible to the slightest layer of dust which, of course, impacts temps and response. I have had deeper layers of dust on the toilet seat, so I never would have believed such a minute bit of matter could have made such a difference! Embarrassing though it is, after countless diagnostics, driver reloads, clean boots and re-installs, keep the bugger clean! Magic Andre...thanx for your help! Thank you for the education!!! Good luck all!
  2. About a week ago (after perusing all these forums), I was careful to check all of the drivers (audio, Nvidia, etc.) and upgraded as necessary. I even disabled the HD audio, the Nvidia 3D (each individually), to try and isolate but nothing changed. The last Realtek Windows update was updated a few days ago. So, to the best of my knowledge, all drivers are up-to-date. I have even scoured Sony's EQ tech forums to see if it's an interface issue on EQ's end, and find nothing. My symptoms are identical to all of the other high CPU usage problems cited in these forums, but fall short of the BSOD. Just can't seem to isolate the process that's causing it, and remain curious about the stack table as there is a process near the bottom (with a relatively low count) that comes up as "unknown" at the beginning of the CPU spike.
  3. Thx for the quick response...here's sys info: MW 7 Premium [6.1.7600 Build 7600] HP Pav Mod: NY545AA-ABA p6210y X64 AMD Ath II x 4 620 Proc, 6 GB RAM This problem arose recently on a three month-old system. Manifested in severe random lag while playing Everquest. Episodes start within five minutes of playing and are independent of gameplay dynamics; even occurs when character select screen is up and game is not being used. The occurrences last from one to three minutes then stop. I imagine if I had less mem I would be cursed with BSOD. Trace: -- File name: Feb17trace.zip 27.9 MB zipped
  4. Yes, Andre...took awhile. The first table I looked at (and graph) only listed the process as "unknown". Gave it a second try and it appears (while playing online game Everquest) I got a three minute lag/maxed CPU usage that I was lucky enough to capture. Half the count (659k+) is in the idle process, the other half the game. First process is -amdppm.sys!C1Halt followed buy hundreds of single count, un-named processes. I'd send you the stacks summary table if I knew how. Strepnox
  5. MagicAndre: Great instructions!! What happens if you end up with an "unknown" process?

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