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  1. The actual error is this one (translated from French so that it's not 100% the one you would get in english) : "The specified image file did not contain any ressources section" It does happen almost as soon as I open the wim file. Again, ty for your interest
  2. No I didn't. Here is the detail of what have been done : - Network boot - Connected to WDS Server - Deployed legacy vista business image - Disk boot - Software installation - Come confguration - Sysprep (audit mode) - Capture image using Same WDS Server Then i want to open that new created image with WSIM, which doesn't work. TY
  3. Thanks for your interest. The fact is WSIM does not allow me to create the catalog file. WSIM tells me the image misses some components (which i can't recall for now, sry). Thats basically why i tried with a legacy image file.
  4. Hello, I'm working on WDS 2008 for deploying Vista Business. I did the following : - Install Vista Business on a master PC - Syspreped it (went for audit since that's the only way i found not to have the welcome screen after reboot, as with oobe) - Captured it using WDS Now i want to deploy that image on the other PCs using a xml answer file. The problem is i can't open that image with WSIM, because there is an error (missing components, and i don't really get it). I tried to use an original vista business image for creating the xml then applied it through WDS for deploying my custom image, but not all the options are defined as they should be when i boot after deploying. Can anyone tell me what I do wrong and how to correct it ? TY
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