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  1. Thanks for the help. The RX/TX cables pulled loose after I spun down the drive. I wondering if the PCB is locked up somehow, and not burnt. Any help appreciated. -RF
  2. I got the Sparkfun converter in the mail today. I wired it up and am getting an RX red light. I've checked continuity and all that and the red light will not go away. TX is green. I guess this means the PCB is fried? Any help appreciated. -RF
  3. Do not assume too much. It didn't work for you with the particualr converter you had, no point in telling people not to do something that has worked and does works perfectly, with the appropriate board, as it is simply not true. Read here: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=128807&st=2338 jaclaz True. I am using the alldav.com converter. I would recommend people not use the battery if they buy this converter. Any thoughts as to my possibly fried board? Is it fried, or can it be saved? I don't see any burn marks anywhere on the board. Any help appreciated. -RF
  4. Hi Gang, I have a ST3500620AS with the BSY error. I tried for two days to connect to the drive's command prompt using the 3V CR2032 battery. It didn't work. Finally got the command prompt by connecting the PCB to 5V from the power supply. Don't bother with the battery, it's a time waste. Sadly, after I spun down the drive with the "Z" command, either my TX or RX came loose as I was screwing the board back onto the drive. I don't think I shorted anything with the screws, but I may have. Either the RX or TX came lose, which I hastily reconnected. Now, after hours of cursing I still can't get back to any command prompt. I'm hoping I didn't fry it, but I ordered another board via EBay, just in case. This is a drive for a client of mine. I ain't looking forward to telling him about this... Any advice on a possible save would be appreciated. Thanks. RF.