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  1. Languages, Themes, Manuals & Mods

    Hello Kell.. Update Lang Dutch file add line Windows 8: PS:Thanks for the Update!. lang_nl.js
  2. WPI after v8.6.7 bug\bug fix thread

    Hoi Kel.. I can't let you wait for a week for results!!.. So I run a test..And problem seems resolved!!. Thx a lot Kel^^ Just a question: Can the type of USB-Stick also have some effect on this problem?? But for now it works great!!! thank you thank you Grt Whatsup
  3. WPI after v8.6.7 bug\bug fix thread

    Hoi Kel. He thx..i missed that..I download new one..and let you hear if i test it^^. Thx alot.. Grt Whatsup
  4. WPI after v8.6.7 bug\bug fix thread

    Hi myselfidem!. Thx mister^^..oc I'll going to try it. I used now your first solution. http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/158273-wpi-86-and-beyond-bugbugfix-thread/page-2#entry1035124 Works fine too..If I found some time a go test your new setup. Thank you very much^^ Grt Whatsup
  5. WPI v8.7.2 Release Thread

    Thx a lot Kel!!.. Not tested so far..but it will be soon.. Life does not always go the way we want..But nevertheless happy birthday Kel^^. Grt Whatsup.
  6. WPI after v8.6.7 bug\bug fix thread

    Oke..Thx for replay [also bphlpt]..It must be a problem here in my system... Grt Whatsup
  7. WPI after v8.6.7 bug\bug fix thread

    Hi there.. Sorry for late response..But Timer [clock] doesn't run in Windows 7 Sp1 x64..with IE11 Integrated..In latest version!. You do not experience this problem???..It can be it's the way I Integrated my IE11 in Win7.. Maybe you can keeping an eye on^^..THx http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/158273-wpi-86-and-beyond-bugbugfix-thread/page-2#entry1035124 This solution looks to work...try in a fast run..tomorrow I can tell you more.. Grt Whatsup
  8. Languages, Themes, Manuals & Mods

    Hi Kelsenellenelvian.. Here the Dutch Updated lang file.. The error I get here was: optKeep[lang] = ['Blijft zichtbaar.Beweegt met muis mee'];So I removed that line.. And OC translate new line's. All is fine now!!!.. Thx alot.. Grt Whatsup ============================================================================= I'll also removed this line!!..Correct?? lang_nl.js
  9. Need lang files and mods!

    Hoi Kel. I add the new lines. But I can't test.I have only the WPI_v8.6.3 for test and it give me a error.. Maybe you can add them for me. lang_nl file. lblProductKey[lang] = ['Productcode']; lblKeyboardLayout[lang] = ['Toetsenbordindeling']; Thx and sorry for late respons!!!...sorry sorry Grt Whatsup
  10. WPI 8.6 and beyond bug\bugfix thread

    Thx myselfidem to check this. I just had to know it for sure. nicely solution with regedit.exe 64bit. Thx men^^
  11. WPI 8.6 and beyond bug\bugfix thread

    Hoi myselfidem^^ Inside wmi.js Line 473 Maybe I'm wrong.Can you check this please^^ thanks in advance... sysPath64=windir+"\\System32\\"; sysPath32=windir+"\\SysWOW64\\"; to sysPath64=windir+"\\SysWOW64\\"; sysPath32=windir+"\\System32\\"; function setArchPaths() { position="wmi.js"; whatfunc="setArchPaths()"; if (OSBits == 32) { sysPath64=""; sysPath32=""; } else { sysPath64=windir+"\\System32\\"; sysPath32=windir+"\\SysWOW64\\"; } }
  12. WPI 8.6 and beyond bug\bugfix thread

    Hoi.. Thx for compleet Timer.hta myselfidem. Also thanks bphlpt. Grt Whatsup
  13. WPI 8.6 and beyond bug\bugfix thread

    Wow thx..yes it works..did small test,and timer running nice en smooth. I search oc to...but ****@#&%$#^^ nothing seems to help.(i'm no scripter). but you did it!!!! Very nice found men.thx Grt Whatsup
  14. WPI 8.6 and beyond bug\bugfix thread

    Hi myselfidem. I do not know if you've noticed it. But if you stop de timer self, and start WPI Installer by click. The Clock is working fine. If you let the timer do his work,and automatic start WPI Installer. Then Clock is freezes in 2 sec. Maybe this will help you to find the problem!!.. Grt Whatsup
  15. WPI 8.6 and beyond bug\bugfix thread

    Aha thx for info,and yes i have IE10 integrated^^. Grt Whatsup