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  1. The drive would indeed respin, only that there were errors involved like I mentioned. I think that this was bricked for damage, not from a firmware issue. Regardless of what I do, I get the error spinning up. Indeed I carefully removed the card and verified the connection afterwards. The cost is not something I am concerned for; I am doing this for a friend and he wanted all low-cost, least-volatile attempts done before elevating. We're elevating.
  2. Amazing. I swear I did that. It worked this time. However, I'm getting spinup errors. I am wondering if it is because I connected the PCB incorrectly somehow, or if it is from the drive really having errors. I wonder if I can proceed anyway. its Error 1009, DETSEC 00006008. The drive is indeed spinning however. Should I proceed anyway, or send it off for recovery? I appreciate your time again. -- edit I'm probably just going to send this out for recovery. I don't want to damage anything; this has been a good learning attempt, but time to get back to regular work. Thanks to everybody and especially mundy5 and Gradius for the expert help.
  3. @mundy5 Thanks for the response. I timed it, and within ~28 seconds, the HDD had spun down on its own. This is I believe the relevant issue; I originally thought the paper I used was not enough to break the connection inbetween the data heads and the pcb. I am using a business card, so I'm fairly certain it is no longer making contact, but again, same thing. I will try just supplying power, and seeing how long until it turns off. Within 35 seconds of power supplied, the drive stops spinning of its own volition. Ideas?
  4. Hi folks. I'm new to this forum and procedure, but not a noob. I am attempting to get the drive to unbrick; I have gotten the terminal to work properly, and I get commands to work, however, I cannot spindown the drive. I always get the error message. To add insult to injury, at random times, the drive spins down on its own. I have always gotten one of the CC or CE error messages when attempting to spin the drive down and like I said, I have tried boatloads of timings. Here's what I do: I start hyperterm on an XP box and connect the session at the same time I hit the powerswitch on the pSU (independent for hdd & adapter). I wait 5 seconds for ctrl+z, and another 5 secs (T+:.10) for the /2. I then wait 20 seconds (T+.30) and issue Z, however, sometimes the drive will have spun down already ,and sometimes it will not, and I always get a similar message. I try w/ different timings, waiting longer than 20 seconds, same thing. I always get an issue. This drive will not detect in OS, so I believe to be bricked. I have attempted looking thru pages, but with over 60 pages just on one item, it's a lot of information to go through. If anyone has had a similar case and had a successful outcome, can you tell me what you did? Or if I'm doing something wrong, can you point it out to me? Thanks to any and all for your time and assistance. I can provide help on other subjects (other HW, networking, OS, etc), but this one is beyond my usual skill.