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  1. No, I didn't check with the AV sites you mentioned - one part of the problem is that if I leave my AV to do his thing it cleans the downloaded archives and they can't be opened (7-zip complaint). I disabled the AV only to get them down, 7-zip was ok with them, used last beta, and so I got it! But I powered off the system in the middle of something (there were already some weird things going on) and on power on it became evident that there is a problem, even the simplest thing, like double clicking "My Documents" or "My Computer", didn't work as expected, due probably to registry inconsistencies - did I tell you I powered off the system in the middle of something? I could have submitted the archives to AV sites, but another part of the problem is that this kind of sites can be used for malware optimization too - bad guys just submit themselves their "work" until they get "AV clearance", so to speak.
  2. Well, I don't quite understand why some people get so defensive: you are either serious and admit that may be there is a problem, not necessarily a mental health one of other(s), and try to discuss it seriuosly. Or otherwise try to downplay the matter by throwing "jokes". The realy serious thing here is that there might be a problem somewhere - it might be with the file server that holds the archives (all 1.0 betas had issues), not necessarily with their author(s). But it might also be elsewhere - may be with that poor kitten!
  3. Yep, you got us We got bored and decided to infect with a deadly virus whoever gets curious enough to download that attachment. Seriously, before throwing such questions in such manner, check online with multiple virus scanners: virsusscan.jotti.org virustotal.com Next inform your antivirus vendor for a false positive. If more antivirus program detect the file in question as a virus, inform the developer politely. In sites such as msfn.org, it's quite unlikely someone intentionally to put virus in the program posted. I wish it had been just a false positive - the system went nuts and I had to reinstall! And since there was no other suspect in sight - yeap, may be I did got something...
  4. Looks like Exploit.Win32.IMG-WMF.bts got into it! More info here: http://www.sunbeltsecurity.com/threatdispl...B0C3F2AF3BD1691 Is somebody here trying to play games?
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