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  1. There are no pictures from post 235! Are you sure you have the right post?
  2. I'd have to look at the codes again to see if there is a way. Do you have the same BSY problem? If so, why not go through the tutorial and then reformat the hard drive using the conventional way. Or do you have a different problem? Check out post #64 from Gradius2 on p. 4. He has listed all the codes in terminal.
  3. I'm not sure what you mean by shorting the pins? Can you elaborate? I do not recall doing this in my attempt.
  4. Rousie, from your picture, you will need to unscrew the bottom 3 Torx screws. Then you will want to put in a cardboard or business card where the top middle one is at. Btw, when I wait too long after the HDD powers up, I get the same error. So wait until you are ready and then power up the HDD with the sata power connector. Then wait until it quiets down before you start the procedure.
  5. You read my post correctly. I was able to restore the functionality of the drive which i365 claimed was inaccessible. I was then able to backup all the data and flash the new firmware. Shame on i365.
  6. What type of connection are you using? RS232 to TTL or the CA-42 USB cable? Either way, you need to connect the RX and TX wires together to see if hyperterminal comes up. then you connect it to the HDD. If it still does not work, switch the RX and TX wires.
  7. I'm no expert by any means, but I have read in many places that it is best to start over from step 1 and try it all again since you said your pc crashed during the process. It is fortunate that it didn't happen while one of the procedures were running but in an intermediate step. start over and see how it goes.
  8. 0call, it would be helpful if you could give us a full summary of what you have already done. it doesn't help us if you give us one line posts. start from the beginning. what is the problem? BSY or the 0 mg problem? Then tell us what you have; are you using the CA-42 solution? Or the RS -> TTL solution etc. Then how is it connected to your HDD and how is your connector powered etc.
  9. Folks, I too had the BSY problem and fought with seagate for a while. Ran into this topic and was relieved to find many others in the same boat. So I contacted seagate again and they offered a free solution. Unfortunately i365 said that it didn't work. So I got it back and was able to go through the solution posted here and success! Now my HDD is working again and I'm actually typing from that computer right now. If anyone is in the STL area and wants to get your HDD restored using this method, shoot me an email. I've got the CA-42 cable and it worked magically. Kudos to all of you for helping us out. I've also backed up everything and flashed the HDD from SD15 to the new firmware. Keeping my fingers crossed. btw, I have the ST3500320AS Thailand model.
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