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  1. try using USSF.exe (Universal Silent Switch Finder) google-it, if you don't have it!
  2. The /S switch for silent install of TEAMVIEWER WORKS! but you must do the following : download the program (preferably the latest version) ..or ..if you have it on your hard drive , open it... (AND LET IT OPEN! DO NOT CLOSE OR INSTALL THE APLICATION. JUST DUBLE-CLICK IT!!) Then , go to C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp. There you'll see a folder called TeamViewer. Open that folder. Inside you'll have 2 files. Teamviewer.exe and tvinfo.ini Copy the Teamviewer from that folder and paste wherever you want. After this you can close the other application. With the new teamviewer.exew which you copyed from the temp folder , u can run it sillently. Use the /S Switch. Works with WPI also.
  3. gunsmokingman, thanks for the ideea... g-force, how can i do that with wpi?
  4. Ok...so here's my id*** question .... It is possible to integrate a mp3 into windows xp to play at ...T -9 for example? Thank for the answers..if i get them
  5. Tested . Works 100% Firefox 3.6 silent install : Command line : firefox3.6.exe -ms -ira
  6. Hello... i've just discovered the bitdefender's 2009 silent install Just follow the steps : 1. Extract bitdefender 2009 with universal extractor , winrar or what decompressor you like. 2. If your building an unattended cd or dvd and want to install applications using WPI (Windows Post Installer) , add this line in WPI : msiexec.exe /i "bdts.msi" /qb That's all. Worked for me P.S. : For normal install , it's the same . Extract bitdefender ( bitdefender must be extracted , otherwise it won't run! Open ms-dos , you input the command line : msiexec.exe /i "bdts.msi" /qb and your done. (I got some errors during install ...about some registry keys...Just hit the ignore button in you have the same problem.)

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