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  1. Thank you jaclaz, I tried Runtime RAID Reconstructor, it seems to be able to detect array configuration, and I'm now scanning it with GetDataBack using metadata generated by RAID Reconstructor, it needs 21 more hours to analyze the partition... So, I'm waiting... Thank you again.
  2. Hello, First of all, thank you Gradius, (and of course other contributors for hints and comments), for this useful guide. I have a problem with my 1TB Maxtor DiamondMax 22s here. I have four of them in a RAID-5 array on a Promise TX4650 controller. One day when I started the system, and after a long wait in "Scanning drives..." screen, the controller freezes the system with this message: "Warning - there is something wrong with your hardware." After searching in internet I found out that this is because of BSY error in firmware MX15. After disconnecting drives one by one, I found out that two of them are having BSY problem, and of course because it was a RAID-5 array, it means a failed array... After I found a USB to TTL adapter and followed the guide to repair the drive, I have successfully recovered both of my drives, but then this weird problem occurs... When I connected back them to TX4650 controller, I still get the error message that tells me that the array is offline. When I entered the boot time array configuration utility, I see that two fixed drives are displayed as "free" instead of being part of array. I don't understand this, is the repair process changed anything in drives that make them undetectable by controller? I don't know, maybe changing some data in a reserved area that controller used to store meta data, etc. Anyway to solve this problem? It is very important to me..., any help is appreciated.