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  1. @ Serialzs I have a major problem getting cab(ified) drivers to install. I have done exactly as you have described earlier except that I placed the drivers in "\windows\driver cache\i386" and offcourse have my WINNT.SIF/OemPnPDriversPath point to OemPnPDriversPath="WINDOWS\Driver Cache\i386" Now to the installation: WinXP sliped SP2 installs fine and identifies the modem (the device I'm trying to install) since the modem.inf file is copied to "\windows\inf" dir during installation. The problem arraises when windows tries to copy the files designated by the modem.inf file, windows cant find them and prompts me for a location of a modem.sys file. Am I doing something wrong? (Stupid question, offcorse I am, since it does not work) What am I doing wrong, annyone?
  2. Jupp, I struggled with WinISO for a while allso, didn't get it to work. UltraISO is the way to go, no configuration to get it to work.
  3. Hmm, it sounds like you have been using Nero or some other tool for making your ISO, is that right? Anyways the problem is this (I think). You probably have a correct bootimage but the tool you are using to make the ISO, ether does not support making bootsectors larger than 1 or you need to configure it. If u are using NERO then enable expert settings in the Boot tab and change to 4 sectors instead of 1 which is the default. Hope this fixes it for you.
  4. Jupp. I have come to the same conclusion and have now used SP2. Thanks a bunch for setting me straight.
  5. ok, I'm a bit new to this to but here is the deal. XPcreate will extract the boot image for you and put it in the BOOT folder. For this to work you must configure the XPSOURCE entry in file XPCREATE.INI to point to an actual bootable Windows XP CD, ie D: (default) or someting like that. The BOOTIMGFILE entry is by default pointing to .\BOOT\XPCTBOOT.BIN Hope this helps.
  6. Ok, thnx for the verry helpfull input so far. Next question is as follows: How do I download all the hotfixes that is post SP1? For example: I've tried fiddling around with Windows Update Catalog and it does not show me the same number of updates as regular Windows Update would. My system is an installation of a SP1 slipstreamed Win XP and I have lots of hotfixes installed when I look in the registry. How come Windows Update Catalog does not show me the same number of updates when I select to view updates from Windows XP Pro SP1? I feel I don't have a satisfatory overview of the hotfix/update flora. Hope u can folow my reasoning.
  7. The last time as in the first time I launched XPcreate it did start to download SP a big file on about 266mb. So I'm confused. I'm gonna try to build a CD starting on Windows XP corporate RTM version and not having the SP2 file in the SPACKS folder.
  8. But won't XPcreate just download SP2 again then?
  9. Many posts are about getting SP2 to work with XPcreate, that has not been a problem for me. I on the other hand want to know how to exlude SP2 from the build and still get XPcreate to download the post SP1 hotfixes? This may be a verry ignorant question, but I´m kind'a new to this. Any help appreciated.
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