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  1. Looks like it was a combination of dodgy hardware and corrupt service pack files. Grr, wasted most of my saturday.
  2. I've kind of got it working, by removing entries from the txtsetup.sif file, but I'm not totally convinced with the results - my virtual PC install and the machine in the next room seem to yield different results. Mind you, I've got a feeling that machine in the next room could be a bit dodgy - my father built it and put dodgy hardware in there - I've had to resort sticking the DVD drive from my machine in it to do the install. I'll have another go at making the CD at work on Monday - the only CD's I've got here are old slipstreamed ones, whereas I've got several proper shiny, holographic ones there.
  3. I've slipstreamed SP2 over my slipsteamed SP1 cd (after removing the SP1 updates and changing the svcpack.inf file, so it didn't complain). The test install on VirtualPC seems to go ok until the bit of textsetup where it copies the files across - it comes up with errors on 57 files not being able to be copied: tosdvd.sys tsbvcap.sys tsbyuv.dll usbcamd.sys usbcamd2.sys vdmindvd.sys wowfax.dll wowfaxiu.dll fsvga.sys paqsp.dll usrcntra.dll usrcoina.dll usrdpa.dll usrdtea.dll usrfaxa.dll usrlbva.dll usrmlnka.exe usrprbda.exe usrrtosa.dll usrsdpia.dll usrshuta.exe usrsvpia.dll usrv42a.dll usrv80a.dll usrvoica.dll usrvpa.dll p3.sys ks.sys modem.sys parport.sys swenum.sys wdmaud.drv cnbjmon.dll pjlmon.dll ndisuio.sys processr.sys amdk6.sys amdk7.sys arp1394.sys crusoe.sys dmutil.dll hid.dll mf.sys mssmbios.sys msyuv.dll nic1394.sys pid.dll sonydcam.sys stream.sys tunmp.sys wzcsapi.dll wzcsvc.dll iyuv_32.dll msh263.drv usbintel.sys ntkrnlpa.exe mouclass.sys The first couple of files I did a search for only to find html files with the same name saying that these files had been left out of SP2 as they were incompatible. It got down to around the end of the usrxxx ones and I just thought that these ones might just have not been cleared up from the txtsetup.sif file, but then a few came along (e.g. modem.sys, amdk7.sys, mouclass.sys, ntkrnlpa.exe, etc.) that started concerning me as those ones look as though they should be there. Anyhoo, should all these files be there for SP2 to install? If yes, how do I get them back and if no, what do I do to stop install trying to copy these files? Also my AutomaticUpdates=yes in the [Data] section of my winnt.sif file doesn't seem to get rid of that screen. Do I need quotes or anything there? I copied and pasted from the sp2 page of the unattended XP CD guide.