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  1. In Word insert /textbox gives a frame that can be placed on a page and sized to suit; a screenshot can be cut and pasted into this and the image resizes to the given box. How can this be done in excel, everything I've tried either expands to suit the image and distorts the rest on the page. I want a template with fixed windows that will accept any marqueed print screen image fitting into the frame.
  2. Run bat option with right click menu

    Hi all, Thanks for your input, I'll have to read up and try to understand this stuff before I continue. I don't want to have started looking for a shortcut and ended with a mess!
  3. Run bat option with right click menu

    Hi jaclaz, I'm a newbie with computers at the coding level. The batch file deletes files with those extensions from a picked directory. The code I posted was written by another and when used on my XP machine and it worked through the right context menu. Now that I've migrated to windows7 the only way I can get this to work is to copy the batch file directly into the directory to be cleaned and double clicking it in explorer. What I couldn't do is to run it through rc menu. So I didn't question the the code as it worked. I've made a file with your code called clean1.bat and run it and that does the same as my original. Curiously it also works when called clean1.cmd. I guess you'll be able to tell me why that is. The problem then reverts to where I started, how do I find a painless way to get this into the right context menu for windows7? thanks
  4. Run bat option with right click menu

    I'm not really into using code at this level, what are you suggesting this file should look like to work. I don't understand why batch files are outdated the cad package I have is full of bat filesand this is the latest cut for win7?
  5. Run bat option with right click menu

    Yzöwl, Thanks for your input , I gather from your reply that you are thinking about it and will get back to me. thanks
  6. Run bat option with right click menu

    Also helpful might be this reference where I first learnt how to add the right menu function, but as I said, these instructions cannot be followed in W7. right click
  7. Run bat option with right click menu

    I'm using ProEngineer which generates many report and log files which need to be deleted in order to tidy up the folder. The last line calls for a subroutine which tidies up the sequentially generated model files, we can ignore this for the moment, it will be good to get the body of the batch file to work first. I have run this without the last line in case that was the problem, it wasn't. As I said, this fully works in XP but not W7. tidy.bat CD "%1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9" echo y | del *.crc.* echo y | del *.log.* echo y | del *.m_p.* echo y | del *.ger.* echo y | del *.inf.* echo y | del *.lst.* echo y | del *.log echo y | del *.plt echo y | del *.idx echo y | del *.tst C:\Program Files\proeWildfire 4.0\bin\purge.bat
  8. Hello I have a batch file that cleans up any picked directory [removes files with specified extensions] In XP I had it such that I picked a directory, RMB and chose the action. The instructions to install this facility were: open any directory tools/ folder options.. /file types/file folder/advanced/new... In Action type<name facility>, In Application used to perform action browse to location of batch file. Now in Windows7 these instructions don't seem to apply as stuff is in different places. I can make the facility work by placing the batch file in a directory and running it, but this leaves the batch file to be removed and nothing as easy as it was. Can anyone point to how to do this? thanks