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  1. underwurlde, thank you very much for your answer! I did not find USB > TTL converter in german shops (for a not very big amount of money).. I found it here http://www.adafruit.com/index.php?main_pag...;products_id=70 It would cost around 22 Euros with shipping, that's ok. Just one question, there is written that it is a 3.3V ******** The version we have is the 3.3V (we used to carry the 5.0V) the only difference is that the 3.3V cable sends data signals at 3.3V levels instead of 5V. It is 5V compliant which means that it can receive 5V signals no problem. The power line still provides 5V. Basically, it works just as good as the 5.0V version, but is better for projects and devices that need 3.3V signals. ******** Is this ok or should I look for a 5V one? Thank you!
  2. Hello guys! I am VERY sad!! My hard disk stopped working today (it worked for more than 2-3 years I think), 8 hours ago I turned my PC off, this morning I turned it on, and BIOS didn't detect my SATA hard drive.. After long googling I finally found this thread here. I have much fear about my data so I want to double ask, sorry for that. I have a SATA 500GB 7200.11, Firmware SD15 (bought it before 2009) Modell number is ST3500320AS S/N 9QM6CVNK My problem is BIOS doesn't find it anymore!! I tried putting it on another SATA port (2,3), but didn't change anything. So this solution which is on page 1, does it still work or is there a newer better one? This thread has about 120 pages so should I do what is written on page 1 or is there anywhere in this thread a newer solution? How do I know if a have the 0 LBA or BSY error? I think I have the BSY error because BIOS doens't detect anything right? I have found the update http://seagate.custkb.com/seagate/crm/self...sp?DocId=207951 but I guess it wont work without the drive being detected? I live in germany, could Seagate maybe help me here? Or do they not recover any data? I'm not a big technican.. Thank you so much for all this! I will be so happy if my drive should work again!