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  1. Hi -X-, Sorry should have been more informative earlier. My mini is a HP mini 311 1037NR. I kinda feel foolish about this whole thing, it never occurred to me that this was more than a simple format and install.
  2. Yes, i did say i had drivers but after reading the posting that was provided by Submix8c, there appears to be different drivers applying to different chipsets i.e. NF4-7 or MCP73. Hence the new question about how to determine what chipset i have, i do thank you for the link to the HP site but that just lead me to the drivers for the chipset which i already have. I just need and want to make sure i have the proper SATA drivers for the chipset i have.
  3. how may i find out which chipset i may have to follow the instructions and which drivers i need to download?
  4. I have a HP mini 311 i received as a gift that had Windows 7 on it, which had expired and required purchase, and as I was unable to purchase a license to it I proceeded to try a Win XP install. At the time i had no idea of the sata drive and of course formatted the drive and the bios doesnt seem to any sata setup on it. It has a ION chipset. And i have found the required drivers for my needs. I have some knowledge of slipstreaming and had done so with before with SP3. I tried to do so again currently with the sata drivers but i haven't been able to to figure out why it hasnt worked or what is wrong or what i am doing wrong. I really need some assistance and hope someone can help.
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