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  1. Well, I am back to the same problem again with trying to print from Firefox. Crashes every time. Too late to roll back to Firefox 2 (didn't save it). Seemed to work for awhile with the newer version of Kernel EX, but this problem has occurred with every version and whatever the core problem is, it still isn't fixed. Works for some people though I guess, but not for me and a number of others who have posted the problem here over the years John
  2. What is happening with the Firefox update? I am trying to update from 3.6.11 to 3.6.12 and when Firefox tries to restart and install the update it fails because it says another instance of Firefox is running and it couldn't be installed. Works on my Windows XP computer. Is there a different method? Thanks, John EDIT: OK, it worked. For some reason the update program doesn't actually automatically shut down Firefox on my W98SE computer when it goes to install the update like it does on my Windows XP computer. When I manually closed Firefox and then manually restarted it, it installed the update just fine. Strange.
  3. I would like to try this newer version of Kernel EX , but I need some help. The last version I tried caused a problem whereby I could neither e-mail nor print from Firefox 3 so I had to go back to Firefox 2 to solve the problem and LOST all my bookmarks, etc in Firefox 2 in the process forcing me to start over from scratch. Does anyone know how I can save all my settings and revert back to Firefox 2 after upgrading to Firefox 3 if I have to uninstall Firefox 3 again? Thanks, John EDIT: The new version of Kernel EX and Firefox 3 printing and e-mail seem to work fine. Thanks for the work you did for us. Regards, John
  4. Since it appears that Kernel EX was first designed to run Firefox 3 and above on W98SE machines why not address the biggest problem (the problem that forced me to go back to Firefox 2 with Kernel EX extensions disabled) which is that many of us are unable to Print from Firefox 3, and in my case the e-mail client (mailto) wouldn't work in Firefox 3 under any circumstances nor in Firefox 2 until I disabled Kernel EX when Firefox 2 loads? Opera 10 worked fine. John
  5. OK, I am now having the Printing Problems others have described with Firefox 3.57 to which there is apparently no solution. It worked at first, but now it can't find the presence of a printer and is followed by a crash. John Follow-up: Uninstalled Firefox 3.57 and reinstalled Firefox 2.0. Printing problems gone and browser is much faster than even a heavily tweaked 3.0 + version. But the main reason was the printing problem. Completely unusable because of that. But Opera 10.10 works great. Thanks again for developing Kernel EX for all of us. Truly appreciated.
  6. I was previously unable to install Opera 10.10 because it wasn't compatible with W98SE until I installed KernelEX 4.0 Final 2. Now it installed just fine........ However there is one major problem. When I click on the Delete Private Data tab the browser locks up which it did not do when I was running Opera 10.0 (the last one that worked on W98SE). I tried unchecking some of the tabs in the drop down box regarding what Opera will clear when you click on Clear Private Data, but that didn't work. Something else is causing the problem. Anyone know how to tweak that utility in Opera 10.10 in conjunction with Kernel EX? I find Opera faster than Firefox, especially Firefox 3.57 compared to Firefox 2.0. Thanks, John EDIT: I was able to resolve this problem, but I am not sure it was actually a problem that had anything to do with the combination of Kernel EX and Opera 10.10. So anyway, here is what I did: Go to Bookmarks / Manage Bookmarks / View. Check Sort by My Order Close down Bookmarks. Go to Tools / Delete Private Data / Detailed Options. Uncheck Clear bookmark visited time and Close all tabs. Delete Private Data then works perfectly.
  7. I just downloaded and installed Kernel EX on my W98SE machine. Following a reboot, Firefox 3.57 installed and is running flawlessly. Thanks you so much for the time and effort you put into developing this wonderful tool. John
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