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  1. That's all we can ask. Thanks for your consideration. kdsdata
  2. This pick list is for the search function. I am looking for a fast way to switch between Forums. Regards, kdsdata
  3. That was fast. Thanks, I guess I missed (dah...) the "Search" control already being on every page. One down, one to go. What about the Forum pick list? Regards, kdsdata
  4. Being a newby I find it difficult to find some of the Forum functions. Perhaps other feel the same. I suggest to add a "Search his Forum" and a "Pick a Forum" button at the top of the pages, beside or below the "Google/Frontpage//Forums/Unattended CD/DVD Guide" line. The "Search this Forum" should open the search dialog window for the current Forum. The "Pick a Forum" should present a pick list of all the available Forums. Regards, kdsdata

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