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Glen Saunders

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  1. Cannot boot PC

    Hey there everybody, I've had some troubles with my computer recently. It started off with me trying to get The Sims 3 to work, which I in the end didn't. While trying I downloaded SpeedFan just to check temperatures as I though my graphics card could have been overheating, while looking on there I noticed that two unnamed readings both read 127C which I couldnt quite belive, so I shut the PC down and opened it up, gave all of the fans a clean, cleaned the processor heatsink, and put it all carefully back together. I pressed the button expecting everything to be as normal, but the PC just froze on the very first screen. I was puzzled and no buttons would work at all, so I opened the case back up and took of the heatsink and relocated it. Started it up again and the pc got past the first screen, everythnig seems fine, and then the "Start Windows Noramlly" screen pops up. From here on I cannot do anything, no options on this list will work, and opening up the page manually by repeatedly smashing F8 and nothing on there works either, the computer simply resets - and the process begins again. And I'm not a 'computer noob' I have dealt with problems like this, blue screens ect.. numerous times, but this is the first time that my computer has been near enough non-responsive. So, being me I though to use the Recover Console - that being my lifeline, and has pulled me through so many things. I thought that it was maybe a bad Bootlog. Stuck the CD in and it's loading up as normal, then... an error message. something along the lines of - An unexpected error (925852594) occured at line 1768 in D:\xpclient\base\boot\setup\arcdisp.c. Press any key to continue. I am sure that it isnt the disc, because I have tried two. I press space, and it resets. I have tried removing the CMOS battery and then replacing it a few minutes later. No luck. I have taken out most bits of hardware, but no luck. I fear it is my harddisc, but anyway, anyone have any ideas? If you need any more info at all, then please ask. Thanks guys, Glen
  2. Problem With Laptop

    Yep, sorry. On closer inspection it is a Viglen Dossier NS. Thanks, Glen
  3. Problem With Laptop

    Haha good one The laptop is a Viglen 2700T Thanks, Glen
  4. Problem With Laptop

    Sorry about the non-technicality, I know alot about computers, But I'm 16 and am not very good at explaining things to well. It basically starts, like I said, around ten minutes after startup. Lots of multi-coloured lines run down the screen vertically, the computer screen behind the colours freezes and the computer has to be restarted. I have not tried getting into the BIOS, but I am pretty sure that it is hardware, because I have connected an external monitor and it still happened. Your don't have to be doing anything major, it starts at random. It only started after I got it back from a computer shop because they extened the memory for me. I got the laptop free from a school because they where going to throw it away, it did not work when they were going to. Hope that explains a bit more. Thanks, Glen.
  5. Problem With Laptop

    Hey and thanks for the warm welcome! I have already finished with the Toshiba, and am using it now!
  6. Problem With Laptop

    Hey, so I have a Viglen laptop, Windows XP Pro. And every time I use it, within about ten minutes colours run down the screen, and I am unable to use it. I know that it is not the screen because the whole computer freezes up, but then again it might be. I'm pretty unsure about it. Anyway, anyone got any ideas? Thanks, Glen
  7. Laptop doesn't work!

    I got into the BIOS using Esc, and changed the boot order. and i'm reinstalling the OS. Thanks for the help, Glen
  8. Laptop doesn't work!

    Yep, but I have gathered that it is when it tries to load graphical mode, doesn't it Yep, but that would be a BIOS password and you know it or not? In other words: switch on give boot password press QUICKLY and/or several times/keep pressed F8 or either Ctrl keys http://www.computerhope.com/issues/chsafe.htm What happens? jaclaz Right, that worked, got into safe mode, and the same thing happened. All i really need to do is get into the BIOS. Thanks, Glen
  9. Bootdisk also has viruses!

    Just browsed on over to Bootdisk.com and it has 3 viruses, one of them being a Trojan. Threat Report Total threats found: 3 Small-whitebg-red Viruses (what's this?) Threats found: 3 Here is a complete list: Threat Name: Suspicious.MH690 Location: http://www.bootdisk.com/plan111909/kilwin21.exe Threat Name: Trojan Horse Location: http://www.bootdisk.com/plan111909/copylock.zip Threat Name: Hacktool Location: http://www.bootdisk.com/plan111909/revealpw.zip
  10. Laptop doesn't work!

    Windows cannot uninstall itself. It can only get corrupted and become unbootable at most. The "Illegal operation" in Windows 9x is the application crash dialog. Some application has crashed, and has taken Windows with it. What was the program which crashed? Also, can you please be more specific to where Windows crashes at? (e.g. At startup) What was the last thing you did to your installation (Install/uninstall a new program, install new hardware etc) before your installation broke? Windows crashes as soon as I log in to the computer, just after I enter the password. The last thing I did on it was: not really specific but i was just on the internet, that what i used it for. I downloaded quite a few things but it was alway from reliable sources. I have tried to reinstall Windows using the disc, but i cannot enter the BIOS. I have tried various commands that i was told about on google but none worked, and certain ones would just make it freeze on the loading screen (where it displays windows 98 and the bar moves along at the bottom) I heard that i could take the battery out of the motherboard an the replace it, but i cant get inside the ******* thing! and i'm afraid that if i try to use brute force i will damage the internals. The computer also requires a password straight after boot up. Thanks guys, Glen
  11. MSFN has viruses?

    I'm just glad I could warn you! Glen
  12. MSFN has viruses?

    MSFN has tracking cookies, they where placed here by the owners of the site. General Info Web Site Location United States of America Norton Safe Web has analyzed msfn.org for safety and security problems. Below is a sample of the threats that were found. msfn.org Threat Report Total threats found: 1 Threats found: 1 Here is a complete list: Threat Name: Infostealer Location: http://unattended.msfn.org/files/advanced/bbucolor.exe <--- (Read the url)
  13. Laptop doesn't work!

    Hey, I have a windows 98 laptop, which I used quite regularly until windows decided to uninstall itself! It is a Toshiba Satellite (basically a brick) I turned it on one day and it was basically a fresh install of Windows. I put in a serial which i had on the back on another 98 User Manual, and now when i turn it on it just prompts with with 'illegal operation' and sits at the desktop backgruond. Does anyone have any clue what i can do? I want my laptop back again. Thanks, Glen