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  1. Thanks for the replies so far, I think the following re-worded question is less confusing... Will a DAP-1150 access point in either/both AP client or repeater modes link with a DI-524 router ? If so, is it possible to have wireless enabled computers access the DAP if a computer is also connected to the DAP via ethernet? I don't have a DAP-1150 or any other access point yet so any speculative answers are unfortunately not much use, I need a proven solution before I make any purchases. cheers, Michael
  2. Hi, My network currently looks like this: Wireless XP PC / Wireless XP laptop | | | | | | D-Link DI-524 wireless router ------- ADSL Modem | | WDTV media player The computers are in one room with the router, modem and media player in another part of the house. The PC has a high gain antenna with good connection, the laptop is in a spot that gets a lousy connection. I have a non-wireless PC to add into the 'computer room', this will also have a lousy connection if I use wireless. I would like to have the three computers share a wireless connection back to the router in the other part of the house, I have a second DI-524 that I already know can't be configured to do this. I would like some cost effective suggestions on the best way to achieve this please. I have considered using a Wireless Access Point such as a D-Link DAP-1150 in AP Client Mode, can both the wireless computers and a wired PC connect to the AP to achieve my objective. One last question if I may... can wired devices connect to the AP via my spare DI-524? Many Thanks, Michael

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