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  1. I recently decided to put Windows XP on my old Sony PIII notebook that runs at a blazing 700MHz. I also have Win2k and Ubuntu in a multi-boot configuration. I installed all of the applicable XP files from Sony and it's surprisingly faster than I expected. My issue is that the idle CPU temperature is higher in XP than in Win2k and Ubuntu. In Win2k and Ubuntu, the hdd and CPU temps are the same at idle. In XP, the CPU temp is about 10C higher. I installed RightMark CPU Clock Utility and enabled the CPU HLT command and the temp dropped to match the others. I thought XP already used the HLT command just like Win2k. I have ACPI installed like it should be. What am I missing? Is there a registry key that changes this? If this were a desktop I wouldn't worry too much but I'm sure the extra heat means shorter battery life in a laptop. Any ideas?
  2. I just tried installing Flash 10.1 in IE6 in Win2k and surprise, it let me do it. The only problem is it doesn't work. I have Firefox which works for flash but is too slow on my ancient PIII laptop. The solution is to download the videos and watch them in Media Player Classic or VLC. This works from Firefox for Youtube but not for Hulu. I found a program called StreamTransport but it appears to use Internet explorer and the installed flash version with it, which doesn't work. How can I get Hulu to play in Windows 2000 with Internet Explorer. If I can accomplish that, I'm pretty sure StreamTransport will work. Chris
  3. I don't know. It's a PIII 700. Flash 10 runs in Ubuntu, although not very fast. Youtube is at least watchable.
  4. I'm unable to get Flash 10 to work with either Firefox or IE6 using KernelEX. I've tried several versions of each and Firefox and IE both crash on any Flash site. I'm thinking now that the problem could be with Java or Javascript but I don't quite understand how they work or which versions to have. I also wonder if my problem could be with Avast Antivirus. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Chris
  5. I still can't get Firefox to run with Flash 10. Firefox 3.5.7 installs and runs fine without flash. I've tried compatibility mode for XP SP2 and Win2k SP4. My latest attemp was by downloading Flash 10 from Adobe, marking the installer to run in XP compatibility mode and then installing it. It's fine until I hit a flash site like youtube and then it crashes with no crash report. I have a slightly older version of the unofficial 98 SE Service Pack. Could that or something else be causing problems? What about Avast antivirus for Win98? I just don't know why it doesn't work. Any other ideas? Oh, I also can't get flash 10 to work with IE6. Should it? Chris
  6. I don't have Java in the control panel. Do I need to have it for this to work? Chris
  7. I have tried installing Adobe Flash Player 10 with Firefox seveal times now with no success. I tried Firefox 2, 3, and 3.5. I have tried installing Flash by visiting a site like Youtube and following the link and by downloading the whole installer package. It seems to install fine but visiting a flash site like Youtube will result in a crash every time. What Am I doing wrong? Thanks, Chris

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