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  1. YA, I am from Taiwan. Nice to meet you. By the way, can I make a Chinese Guide of 7C in the forum? Cuz there would had some dispute in Taiwan's forums. (About using 7C population, and copyright dispute.)
  2. Thanks your suggestion, but i think someone can re-translate to simple is better than me. Cuz I don't know some China's wordings, maybe some people will not understand.
  3. Windows 7 UL for CHT(UL ver 2010-12-15)

    May not, because this ULz is put the Traditional version's updates. I don't know what happen if use on simple version's Windows 7 You can try make the Windows 7 ISO that integrate traditional's updates and try install it.
  4. Hello everyone, first time come to here I'm a 7Customizer user, too. I found that 7Customizer had other language to choose now. But there is no Chinese language here, so I translated from English to Chinese Traditional. This is translated by myself, but only .lng file. And this is used UTF-8 code to write it, so messy yard may not happened(unless without Asian Unicode) I tested my file is correct,and now some word had translated correctly. I wish it can help some people. Usage:Extract LNG file under 7Customizer\langs , and restart 7Customizer, it will show in a Language menu. (P.S If I offend forum's law, please tell me and delete this topic. And my English is not so good, sorry first .) Chinese Traditional.zip
  5. Windows 7 UL for CHT(UL ver 2010-12-15)

    There is some problems for new update. I've write in 1st topic. Hope someone can help.
  6. Windows 7 UL for CHT(UL ver 2010-12-15)

    Looks like UTF-8 code can't show directly with no Asian Language. But maybe it can show directly in all Asia version Wiindows 7 I think a problem is, NotePad's UTF-8 saving didn't have ALL code to show in all version I'll try use UltraEdit to save it again. If happens again, maybe it's a XML problem [uPDATE] There is another version I want to try UTF-16 to save it Unfortunately it makes an error when import to WUD So I save it with UTF-8 - NO BOM Try it again B)
  7. Hi everyone, this is Windows 7 UL which made by me. This UL's updates are using on Windows 7 Traditional-Chinese version. From RTM to now, and it's still updating. Everytime when MS published updates on Windows Update System, I will update it each time. So when title changed, it means new ULz is available. And this UL is written in Chinese Traditional language(but using UTF-8 code) I hope this UL can help some people. Windows7_CHT_20101215.ulz
  8. W7-W2K8 UL file

    Mine does not, I am supporting english only. You could try the XML Generator and create your own updates list. I'd be interested to know if it works on a non-english machine or not. Thank ur pointing I'm already create one ULz for CHT. But I want to test with non-chinese version's OS Cuz this XML is written with UTF-8, I want to test there is NOT have any words that can't show There's a file, if it is OK, tell me. Thanks again. (P.S Sorry for my bad ENG ) Windows7_CHT.ulz
  9. W7-W2K8 UL file

    Hi, I am new member, nice to see u. I have a problem for this Can this make a Chinese Traditional version ULz? I am doing Windows 7 combination in these days