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  1. Thanks again for the help - actually it turns out that's exactly the one I downloaded from Creative's site. However the problem with not letting me select the right folder persists. Is there any other route or should I give up? EDIT: Is it possible to do it manually - copy the .sys files in system32 / drivers and the .dll files in system32?
  2. I've used one of those programs to extract all of the .exe files I can find. The infuriating thing is that windows will not let me select any of the files in which the drivers are located to search in! If I click on those ones, the 'ok' button is greyed out.
  3. I've just received a Creative SB0200 sound card in the post. I want it partly because it's probably better than the onboard realtek but mainly because of the gameport which is needed for a flight yoke that should be arriving in the next few days. Here are my specs (selfbuilt): Gigabyte MA77O-UD3 Mobo AMD 3.2Ghz Dual Core CPU (Phenom or something like that) 4gb 800mhz ram Sapphire x1950 pro 512mb W-D 500gb HDD I first installed the sound card, and booted up. Up came the new hardware wizard, twice, but both times it couldn't find the drivers. In device manager under 'Other' there are two devices clearly linked to the card with yellow question marks - 'Multimedia Audio Controller' and 'PCI Input Device'. I believe the latter is the gameport, and presumably the former is the audio side of things. After a bit of searching and messing around with various drivers, I found and downloaded the correct ones for xp64 from the Creative website and started the install. It unpacked itself but then told me it hadn't found a suitable piece of hardware in the machine and exited. What seems to be the issue is that windows hasn't actually got drivers to allow it to recognise a sound card (I was using onboard realtek before as I said, this was disabled in the BIOS) and until it realises that the black piece of metal and plastic sitting inside it is a Creative SB0200 the actual device drivers can't install. This is all extremely frustrating! I've tried everything multiple times - google searches, past topics on this, restarting, manually installing drivers, restarting again, etc, all to no avail. If anyone has any ideas that have even a tiny chance of working, please post them! Thanks in advance for the help, Best Regards, Mossy.