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  1. Fantastic post. This will save me oodles of time! I seem to spend half my life installing Windows for friends, Firefox, Java, Flash, Acrobat etc etc. I built unattended install for XP, this is so much easier.
  2. Hi all I have a problem with a new customer's Windows 2003 server set up I have recently been asked to look at. The customer went live with this set up just before xmas and problems have persisted since day 1. I'm not a big expert in DFS, have read around a bit but so far nothing which has said "this is not a good idea" The situation is as follows. Said customer has two sites connected together over the WAN using E3. The primary site has 400 users (Site A), the secondary has about 200 users (Site B). At the moment they have DFS shares created which is replicated using FRS to both sites. User's at each site access the file shares via \\dnsname\DFSRoot\Foldername My concern is as follows. If someone can tell me if I am on the right track or not then I would be grateful. 1. User at site A opens up a file in folder say called "Admin" and edits a file. In reality DFS saves this change to \\SiteA_Server\Sharename\folder\filename 2. User at site B opens up the same file but DFS has looked in \\SiteB_Server\Sharename\folder\filename Are we now not in a situation where there will be a replication conflict or a user is looking at the wrong version of the file? I tried to set this up on a VMWare environment and FRS happened pretty much instantaneously but of course in production I have lots of users and I can see situations where FRS may get clogged up with big changes. If anyone is still following this and can help then I would be most grateful. Thanks
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