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  1. WUD 2.21 Beta

    Looks pretty good, but can I ask you a question? How could I customize it in order to receive Greek Windows Update downloads?
  2. Is nLiting invalidating my XP?

    If you reformat your PC every 2 months, shy don't you just keep an image of you installation, via Ghost or Acronis True Image? I mean it would be much faster and the only time spent would be to download a few updates for your system...
  3. Jacob I was talking in general about the program itself since you asked something about it. It will help you it finds everything that will start by autorun on your system start up and let you control if you want it or no
  4. Unchecking programs with autoruns means they will not run on your next start up, unless they are running and have an internal code that checks and enables them to autorun again (usually viruses and malware do that). So it is preferable to do this work on safe mode so nothing else is executed. If it is a program or service that you want you can re-enable it by checking it again. And if you are certain that you don't want it again right click on it's name and delete it
  5. If you don't kave a DHCP server running and you have WIN XP with SP2 you could experience this syptom... Try applying static IP to you network adapter in order to correspond with your other LAN settings (like IP sub mask