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  1. The Solution for Seagate 7200.11 HDDs

    NO!!! DO NOT, FOR ANY REASON, SWAP BOARDS ON MODERN HARD DISK DRIVES. (unless you really, really know what you are doing ) I am of course not familiar with availability of electronic equipment in Jordan, but I doubt you cannot find by the dozen some NOKIA cables or some other USB<->Cellular Phone data cable that "talks" TTL, and an experienced guy to test them. I pointed you to an alternative very simple DYI circuitry. Even if you cannot find a MAX232 or similar IC, I am pretty sure you can find someone with a solder gun, some soldering paste and flux and some thrown away electronics: http://www.uchobby.com/index.php/2007/06/1...ptor-explained/ jaclaz Hi first time poster here If I had read the dont swap boards I may not have tried it but I did before reading this with success I had 2x st3500320AS drives one with SD15 and one with SD81 firmware when I swapped boards BIOS would detect both drives but with SMART errors and I got a clicking sound from each drive similar to that of heavy disk activity but a little louder but I could not access either drive The original error was that BIOS would not detect the SD81 firmware drive The solution was to download the boot CD iso with firmware SD1A and boot from CD and with only one drive attached at a time update the firmware for each drive After that I still had the SMART error and clicking sound and neither drive could be accessed as before So I just swapped the two PCB boards back to their original drives connected both to the PC and powered up. To my joy I rebooted straight away to the OS on the effected originally effected drive and could access the other drive all seems to work fine I am not sure why swapping boards back after the firmware upgrade worked and why I could not keep them swapped but I am not worried about that I am just happy to have my drive back working