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  1. yes, 38400 8 N 1 N butt my hdd is DiamondMax 21, not 22 like the version that are having problems.... i search on forums and i dont find him as a major problem, mine it might be that 1% of HDD failing do BSY.. a rare case , maybe in the terminal i must set UP other conection... idk what to say, today il start my search again maybe ill find my answer somewhere... new edit: i did a small test using my other HDD Seagate 7200.11 ST3500320AS , using same set of settings: 38400 8 N 1 N and i got this on screen: Rst 0x20M (P) SATA Reset the PCB is mounted on HDD... that means that the conection is good... the cable works..... i think for the DiamonMax 21 i need another set of Settings.... because is another class of HDD... can anyone help me? second edit today in no mear 10 min: THANK You MadOCer ! u send me on the right direction using settings 9600 8 N 1 N i got this : 4096k x 16 DRAM GALAXY - 1_Disk S-6D 09-22-06_15:48 Buzz HM SFI (P)SATA Reset DiskAccess ReadSector EC=47 at ffffffff.00.0002 DiskAccess ReadSector EC=47 at ffffffff.00.0002 Read Ver Retrys DiskAccess ReadSector EC=47 at ffffffff.00.0002 Read Ver Retrys DiskAccess ReadSector EC=47 at ffffffff.00.0002 Read Ver Retrys DiskAccess ReadSector EC=47 at ffffffff.00.0002 Read Ver Retrys DiskAccess ReadSector EC=47 at ffffffff.00.0002 Read Ver Failure! DiskAccess ReadSector EC=47 at ffffffff.00.022b Failed sys sect. write! Nwt Er 00 RdWr 15e4c.00.022b DiskAccess ReadSector EC=47 at ffffffff.00.0080 DiskAccess ReadSector EC=47 at ffffffff.00.0080 Unable To Load Overlay 01|000A T> i got no IDEEA what it means, butt I HAVE COMMUNICATION any ideea???
  2. i am stuck , this is my 3'th CA-42 cable, that seems to work (it is a ArkMicro chip activating COM4) My HDD is a Maxtor DiamondMax21 STM3320820AS , firmware 3.AAE, and does have same simptoms of a BSY HDD (BIOS can NOT see him even if it working fine - no click of dead BTW) i did all stepts that requiere to identify TX(Green), RX(White) and GND (Red) ; the cable has 6 wires (yellow, blue, orange,green, red, white) (match them 2 by 2) Green and White are working wonderfull in the loopback conection, butt the Red wire + Green/White only give me garbage characters if i touch them, not when i typed on terminal....(this must be the problem, idk...) anyway I conect my HDD (all conected PCB from HDD, no card betwen them) to check for the ERROR (Led ERRORS Adress000...) and i have this thing on terminal: - no GND conected: -with the ground conected: Can anyone Help ME? anyone that had this type of ''error''?? it happens the same even on my laptop where i have vista and use PersonalHyperterminal (trial 30 Days) btw i get the same result of garbage characters and when im trying only with PCB, detashed from HDD....
  3. jacklaz all was at the expensive of i365 TEAM, the transport and everything, i did not pay one eurocent, what i can confirm U is that the Seagate DUDE'S redirect me QUICK to i365 Netherlands, and when i say quick i say 1 kick in the B**T... let's not give bad credit to people that do GOOD JObs... if u wanna get mad, get it with those who made the wrong Firmware.. and REFINE it after 3 - 4 months... indeed for transport u are right, the package must me perfect (i putt 4 CM of protective foam, not 2...), and i did all i known about packaging, more than this u are right regarding keeping all the important data (personal FOTO and Video) on a single drive , no matter what the brand is, is very risky. That's way now im backing up my important data to 3 external HDD, 1 pack of DVD and even consider upload them to gmail (7GB of free space/mail). trust me when i say i drop HDD's on the flor and nothing happen , they are still running with no problems, not even BAD sectors, and i see HDD so damage externly that u dont imagine it will work and they did. even so i had multiple MAxtor and Samsung drives that made some bad sectors becouse I move the unit around in the house, one maxtor from 24 kb of Bad Sectors made 35 GB in 2 months, no program was working to secure the bad sectors. now about this tread; wish me luck, i receive an CA-42 Cable that seems to activate COM3 (ArkMicro Chip inside i think), and i want to test it on an very old Maxtor 320 GB, that last year on februarie drop DEAD and he has same simptoms as BSY.; not shown in BIOS butt is working perfectly... (atleast i hear it working). the only problem is that i dont have a new firmware... and is not on the page of HDD market as bad firmware , so im still loocking for an Firmware Update for him.. The model is DiamondMax 21 STM3320820AS, firmware 3.AAE. PS: The previosly 2 CA-42 CABles prove to be innefective, did not activate any COM, even after i instaled the drivers (payed 14 euro each 2, and this one that work i payed 3 Euro..) PS2: BTW i remember one old 80 GB Seagate have a pin on the P-ata Contact that was broken... what can i say i putt another thing that looks like a pin and solderit there and is still working BTW thank U for still beeing active on this tread. regards, iulian
  4. it is very nice that people try to solve problems by them own, butt an expert will be always an expert.... he knows think, that's WHY im writting this post: try first speaking with those from seagate, open a case like me, and your problem will be solved if the harddisk is one of those thats fails. Here is what i DO: on 1 of January my MAIN DATA storage HDD went missing in BIOS (over 20 GB of personal FOTO - like all my life, more than 80 GB of personal video) and NONE where ever backed UP because i trusted SEAGATE to be a good BRAND. I got crazy in 2 days.... then i start searcing the WEB - GOOGLEIIITTTT for my problem, i found this forum and many more, a lot of videos on your tube of how i can revive my HDD, butt also found UP that seagate do RECOVER the DEAD HDD, and i try with them first because they Are PRO after all (not all of them, especcialy those who work on FIRMWARE development) so last week, after I document most of the web resources, I Opened a case on seagate forum, talk to some DUDE's on chat, and all redirect me to Netherlands i365 HeadQuarters (I am from Italy - Rimini area), The Guys from Netherlands where more than nice to me, they told me everything, and on Thursday 17:45 i drop my HDD to a TNT depo, on Friday 11:45 the HDD was receive in Amsterdam - Main Labs... at 15: 30 it got to the tehnicians and at 15:45 the hard drive where SOLVED, all data recovered (Firmware flashed) , saturday and sunday are dead days... and Monday my HDD where shiped back, Tuesday at 12:30 i got my HDD back HOME, and start backing UP all my data to : 1 TB external Drive (Movies/Music/and other stuff) 1of80GB+1of120GB+1of 250GB small HDD where i putt all my pictures and videos (that's right = TRIPLE BackUP of my very important data) i'm considering also 1 pack of DVD . so first just stay and think one moment, if u dont want to loose all data, try the professional first, or ask some professional HELP, if u dont have important data .. don't bother buying cable that don't work or wait for parts, from my search on eBay i found cables that where made especially for this type of problem (already tested), consider that is 1 year and 1 month since the problem of BSY and 0 LBA problem beggin, people are resourcefull, and will make money out of everything. Just Start Your search on Ebay, or other Search Engine with Seagate Fix Thanks Gradius That even if he did'nt discover the SOLUTION, he try to understand IT and Share IT with all of US with HDD problem Thanks avikus for perfetting the solution, and all of U that are still here helping people that are in NEED. And ThanKs i365 TEAM for reviving my HDD. PS: I'm at page 61 on this tread, and still reading true