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  1. I just got done testing with an Windows 7 SP1 image - so far, no problems yet...
  2. Hey Blue, A great job on this new 7Customizer update - I'm currently testing it out - I'll report back if any issue arise. Regard, mrookie B)
  3. Thanks for the new update, Blue, seem like you putting out new build sooner than later but take your time working on your next one (if that what you doing now) B)
  4. Hey Ben, take your time working on the next build - don't rush - otherwise, keep doing your things... B)
  5. Thanks you my friend....I'm going to release a small patch on Monday for users having authui.dll is damaged error. Thank you Excellent! I'm looking forward for that next update... B)
  6. Tested out the latest build - so far so good - not bad, Blue - good job - do your thing, man B)
  7. Good Job, Ben! So far, I just created a customize a windows 7 home premium for a pc built I were working on.
  8. Excellent! Just tested out the latest build and so far it work w/o anything problems...however I do notice a typo...see the pic attachment below and you'll see what I mean. Otherwise, no much a big deal.... Good job, Blue
  9. Blue is hard at work with his next release of 7Customizer....Keep up with the good works, Blue, and do your things, man.

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