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  1. No .The cable itself showing as disabled state.
  2. i have re installed the network driver..but no use.i have reset all physical connection also.
  3. hello everyone i am using windows 7 32-bit ultimate in my PC.I have being using fine till yesterday.when i ON my pc today i noticed that ,my network icon on windows task bar is showing it is unplugged.When i open network and sharing center it is showing unknown error.but when i open network icon in control panel it is showing fine with no error and cable plugged in icon.What happen to my system.Is there any virus attack happened.
  4. yaaa..Installed Driver from dell web site.Now working fine.. Thanks.
  5. hi everyone I have Installed win7 on an new dell 1540 laptop.after installing the OS the bluetooth device does not start and showing error message Error code 43.i have tried re-installing the OS and and suitable drivers.But it showing an warning message on device manager generic bluetooth device(Error code 43).please help.....
  6. hi everyone............. i have just installed an drive hiding third party tool on my lap running win7 ultimate... i hav protected my two drives..now i have unistalled the tool....i have lost and forgot that tool name also ......my two drives ae locked now...in disk management it is showing as free space...is there any way to get my drive back to normal position....all my datas are there on the 2 drive....
  7. hello every one.. I have just installed windows server 2008 R2 on an PC.Then i have tried to add terminal service feature in it..but the feature did't listed in add role window.All other features are listed in it also..Is there any additional update package that i can install to get the terminal service feature.. I am not at all satisfied with the re installing the OS.can any one help me to solve this issue.
  8. hi everyone how to fix windows\system32\config\system error..
  9. hello Everyone, I have heard some thing about an Built-in Antivirus in an Pen drive.Now a days transend has launched an pen drive with buit-in antivirus.The antivirus is powered by trend micro security. Is any body knows more about this case.how is it working Is that antivirus will protect from all virus attack. please reply if any one know about it more.
  10. hi everyone my problem is , i have to install windows xp as fast as possible in any pc.i prefer not to install.. that is, If a system crash.i have restore it as fast as possible.so how can i make a restoring image of windows xp that can be used in any pc.can i use norton ghost to do this.is ther any way..please help..
  11. hello i have got a c graphics program of a demonstration of a flying kite.i have to alter this program to make a user input of the rope of kite.For example when when the program start it will be asking for a user input length of the rope of the kite.so that we can adjust the height of the kite...please kindly help... this is the original program can you please alter this with my requirement my requirement is to set a user input for the height of the kite while flying Note:i am a new to the c language.i ma doing this for my friend. #include<stdio.h> #include<graphics.h> #include<alloc.h> int main(void) { void *kite; int s,x,y,gd=DETECT,gm,r; initgraph(&gd,&gm,"c:\tc"); setcolor(10); moveto(100,100); lineto(125,75); lineto(150,100); lineto(120,130); lineto(130,130); lineto(125,125); lineto(100,100); //this completes the outline design of kite setfillstyle(SOLID_FILL,BLUE); floodfill(125,100,10); floodfill(125,127,10); arc(125,120,40,140,31); line(125,125,125,75); line(125,110,150,130); line(125,94,150,130); s=imagesize(100,75,150,130); kite=(void*)malloc(s); getimage(100,75,150,130,kite); putimage(100,75,kite,XOR_PUT); x=100,y=75; while(!kbhit()) { setcolor(10); putimage(x,y,kite,XOR_PUT); setcolor(YELLOW); line(x+50,y+55,639,479); delay(100); putimage(x,y,kite,XOR_PUT); setcolor(0); line(x+50,y+55,639,479); r=rand(); switch(r%4) { case 0:x=x+10; break; case 1:x=x-10; break; case 2:y=y+10; break; case 3:y=y-10;break; } if(x>640) x-=40; if(x<40) x+=40; if(y>479) y-=40; if(y<40) y+=40; } getch(); closegraph(); return 0; }
  12. solved the problem...I have update my BIOS software and reset the BIOS.Now the clock is running.... thank you.
  13. yes.......... I have spot the problem.I have re-installed all my OS.And the problem exits there also.so i have conformed that the proble is a hardware problem.So i have re-checked the BIOS carefully....yaaa...it's the problem of my BIOS. BIOS time is not running.The time stands where it has been changed last.It is not running.Also what happens to the linux and windows machine is that..the redhat has fast time synchronisation than windows i agree with Mr.jinje's reply. thanks evryone for the reply
  14. when the time of system is changed by OS the time in bios also have been changed.i have also disable the synchronize the time with any time servers. i have a doubt of any virus cause is their any virus that do so..
  15. i have problem on all my windows OS But not Redhat linux
  16. please... Don't think i am mad.. i am so crazy about OS. I have installed Redhat,xp,server2003,vista,2008,win 7. on my my system. i am not installing these all for the first time.i have installed all these before but there is no time problem at that time. recently i have reinstall my system(reinstall all OS once more) after that i experience this problem. i have corrected the time so many times.but no use...the time is always resetting.please help.........
  17. i have check the time zone in Internet time in control panel. no problem found
  18. how can i edit my vista/ win 7 boot files.how to fix vista/ win 7 boot errors.how to add a new boot path to the bcd
  19. i have installed windows 7 ultimate ion my pc.Now a days i have noticed that my system time is going corrupted.I have check the bios battery no problem found.i have corrected the time for many times but the timeis going wrong always.....

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