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  1. Hello again. I think I just found out what is the problem... My Graphic Card Driver + the Windows XP Direct-X 10 isn't a great job. And I searched the net for other people who had problems with the modified Direct-X ( suppose to be for Vista ). And it seems that more people experience this with Direct-X ... Although I would like to ask 1 last question... I uninstalled Direct-X 10 after that I uninstalled my Graphic Card Driver it needed to reboot because it was going to get back to VGA mode. After the reboot my screen solution was low and I got again 2 messenges with : "Windows just recovered from a serious error". Means 3 things: 1. XPize doesn't work with my Graphic Card. 2. The Direct-X program owned my computer ( it wasn't installed anymore since I checked that on Dxdiag, so it must have modified some files ) 3. It's a combination??!?!! Well XPize doesn't edit Graphic Card stuff I suppose so . It must be my computer like you said Well I now try to install my Graphic Card driver and the Direct-X 9 o.o. So it was probally not XPize as I only get reboots in-game during some old games. Sorry for bothering W3bbo and great job on XPize ! Thanks for reading ! Ps : so far as I know I can bump this topic because I haven't posted in this thread for like 3 weeks.
  2. If you have read my reply you would see standing : I also like to say I earlier on downloaded a XPize program before I reinstallt windows ( I just reinstalt Windows yesterday ). It means that I reinstallt Windows yesterday and before I did that installed XPize 2.1. Than I reinstallt windows by formatting my 2 local drives and installt windows again.... Sorry for my bad explanation. I also thought the shocking of the mouse and the reboots was because of my Windows XP Installation. Also I reinstall Windows every six months. And I have a Windows copy of Windows XP SP3. And yes my PC is old but not really old I ment with shocking that my mouse, when I move it, goes the way iam going but in shocks, so the first sec he is at the lower right corner and than I move and it is on the other side of the screen..... So it doesn't move like normally but in pauzes, again sorry if I wasn't explaining very well.... So I installt windows a day ago.... and I thought I go try the later version of XPize Dark Side ( 2.1 ) Because I thought that may be working.... I downloaded the last version while looking at which version of this application may be supported by my Operating System. Hope I explained enough .
  3. Well I uninstalled it now and it goes fine, no screen shocking and no rebooting. If it isn't XPize could you tell me what than it may be? It would be better if it was my computers fault than I can fix it ! Otherwise I need to wait till XPize gets updated.... Ok I tell what happens, at random times my mouse starts shocking in games, in Word, anywhere. And it also just reboots when iam busy with something, also randomly... Hmm let's see other things, I don't have a lot of programs on my computer but I got an anti-virus NOD32; that's the only thing I can think of that maybe makes the XPize more apparant ( like you called it with a gentle word ). I also like to say I earlier on downloaded a XPize program before I reinstallt windows ( I just reinstalt Windows yesterday ). That was version 2.1 Darkside I don't remember how I found out but I downloaded it from another site than XPize. It was a software site called ''Softpedia''(.com). It was with the same problems as I have with this version of XPize.... I can't come up with anything else as these are the only things I found what disturbs me at the moment. Also my DVD-Drive doesn't seem to work but I don't know if that is because I installed XPize; I think not. Any help will be appreciated ! Ps : I just found out that the thread title isn't fully complete; that's because it doesn't fit I edited it but it doesn't seem to show up... Well, small things come and go .
  4. Hi I wanted to report an error with the Dark Side theme in the 5 Release version 6 of the Skins/Themes I just reinstalled my computer and installed XPize Release 5 version 6 and I get randomly that the screen/mouse ( or both ) is shocking that's pretty annoying in games, and it goes shocky for 5 sec and than it stops; and in about like half a sec it begins again. By the way, are games supported with this application? Also sometimes my computer just resets and windows says there was a ''Serious Error''. Here are my computer stuff ( or whatever the word is ) Operating System : Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 (Build 2600) Direct-x 10.0 Processor : Name : Intel Celeron 330 Code Name : Prescott Package : Socket 478 mPGA Technology : 90 nm Core Voltage : 1.328 V Specification : Inte® Celeron® CPU 2.66GHz Motherboard Manufacturer : MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD Model : P4M266-8233 Chipset : VIA p4m266 (VT8751) LPCIO : Winbond W83697HF BIOS Brand : Phoenix Technologies, LTD Version : 6.00 PG Date : 07/15/2004 Graphic Interface Version AGP version 2.0 Transfer Rate : 4x Max. supported 4x Side Band : Not supported Memory General Type DDR Size 256 MBytes Timings DRAM Frequency : 134.0 MHz FSB:DRAM : 1:1 CAS# Latency (CL) : 2.5 clocks RAS# to CAS# Delay (tRCD : 2 clocks RAS# Precharge (tRP : 2 clocks Cycle Time (tRAS) 6 clocks Graphic Card : ProsavageDDR I hope I posted enough information about my computer. Iam 99% sure I did. I did try to use the search butten but it didn't search for me so, I rather ask the question anyway. O, and have a Happy New Year and good holidays !!!! Ps : I uninstalled the XPize application and I wait 100% with hunger in my eyes to get the skin on my PC again ! Though I first wanna know of it's possible

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