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  1. Unfortunately I can not help you anymore - I wiped out Win 7 and on pure Linux Mint. I was messing around, installing first ubuntu though wubi (which means installing the whole linux fs it in a loopfile on and adding an entry to win boot menu), then trying to use Plop. Maybe I messed things up. It's a shame I don'tt have it anymore, because otherwise the problem could have been identified easily. Thanks for your help!
  2. Well, I didn't get any new options in the startup menu. Thank you for your help and an interesting product. I ran Plop from usb floppy, and had linux mint installed - there were some weird problems with partitioning, so maybe that's the reason your bootloader had trouble.
  3. Tried to install it on a Win7 system on a Toshiba r100 laptop w/o USb boot. Nothing happens. I have Ubuntu installed via wubi, and i would like to wipe the hd clean to make a full linux install. bcdedit /v does not list anything new after the PLOP install. Any suggestions? Thank you for your work!

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