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  1. Not a slic problem. This netbook has no built in cd. I use a usb dvd drive. but hp told me To unplug all usb items before running the recovery disks. but my dvd drive is usb. They told me me for 100 dollars they would fix the problem since I am out of warranty. If you look on hp forrums, there are a lot of net book owners with this problem and no answer. If I could combine split wims I would not need the second disk but don't know enough yet to do that. been looking into gui for imagex but so for they seem to be as complicated as command line.
  2. no my post was not all over the place. 1] my comp was working fine till I messed up the partitions. 2] I bought the recovery disks to do a factory restore. 3 and 4] every hp recovery set I have ever seen is either 2 or 3 disks. and no I did not buy the media center edition. not trying to change the os, just hoped when the xp disk did not work that the win 7 would. 5] I guess now we are talking about both? 6] you must not of seen a lot of oem comps because a lot of dell, hp and compaqs have setting in bios that controls what os can be installed by recovery disks. It does not effect retail disks. yes the eeprom chip holds the bios. but is not the old type bios like 386,486 and 586 had. 7] refer to 5. 8] I meant having xp on this netbook is fine with me and by oem disks I mean the recovery disks that loads the os with all the drivers and hp programs. i.e in this case the recovery disks. again NO the xp home sp3 is not installed. I am trying to install it from the recovery disks. Allready told you if you would read. 210-1000 cto pc. I know you understood becuase you posted a link to it. It has no os right now. if I could combine the wims I could copy it to my recovery partition and use the F11 function. But I have read a lot about it and still do not understand how to do it. Thank you for your replies though.
  3. I tried to post and got error saying [you don't have permission to do that] so I just deleted the text and typed in why can't I post and hit post. kk let me give you background on my problem. I bought a hp mini that comes with xp home sp3. 2 weeks ago I bought a hp recovery disk [xp version] the first disk runs and tells me to insert second disk. but when I do it keeps telling me there is no disk in drive to insert disk 2. since this model comes with win 7 ultimate I ordered that hoping it would work. it loads everything then fails because the eeprom is non windows 7. Research indicates that the install for the recovery could be changed to not check for os version but I don.t know how. I loaded my daughters retail win 7 but I would not activate that just used for test then removed. The xp is fine but want the hp oem. I f I can get either loaded hp claims there recovery creator will make useable recovery disk/partition to recover from. or I can use the backup program I have to make good factory restore disks. But either way I need it loaded first. I know it is not the same as retail but if all the files or there can I make it work?
  4. I have a netbook 210-1000 and bought the recovery cd for it. Boot the cd won't work and hp wants $100 dollars for support. I can uncompress the wim files but can I use nlite to build a install cd. I mean all the os is there right? all the drivers is right and I can keep the hp software. anyone know if this will work?
  5. Here is my problem. I need to install wwindows 7 on a computor with out a dvd. I have a cdrw but no dvd. I was thinking maybe this could be my answer. If I could install a version built by vlite then add the other components from hdd? Or maybe use the recovery disc to rebuild win 7? Is anything like this possable? Maybe use vlite to create and install then use an imageing program to restore a full image of windows 7?
  6. This is a great program. It is the only extracter I use now. But can you build a compacter to run along beside it. I have opened programs I did not know could be opened. now it is time for a truly good compactor. thanks for your time.
  7. I have been using xxclone and linux to build to build custom restore disks. The reason for doing that is to supply a disk that brings back the comp to the state it was when I built the computor. It is a pain but it works. That way when you restore the comp you do not have to activate it again and you are not supplying a disk that can be used on more then one comp. It is a pain because I have to write new setup files. Every since I ran across nlite I have been thinking that nlite can make this proccess easier. "maybe" ?. I noticed that the wba files is wrote to the hard drive even before I run the activation so can I copy the setup files from the hard drive to the I386 folder then build a winxp install disk that targets the origanal computor it was installed on. Is there a list of all the files on the setup cd somewhere.

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