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  1. Well it seems to have corrected itself... I connected it externally and it came up fine with both partitions. Then I connected it internally again and now both come up.
  2. I have a seemingly good drive that will not show one partition in windows... I tried right-clicking on it and 'change the drive letter', but it will not let me. It says the screen has not been refreshed, but I tried it a few times. I cycled the power too. In testdisk it shows up... Now...the bootsectors are identical on the partition that doesn't show up, but on the partition that shows up they are not... So I do a rebuild BS... Here is the dump (you can see the different byte at 0028)... So I do a rebuild again... So now they're identical , but the HP partition still does not sh
  3. It works it woks!!! You are the man with the master plan!!! So now...fill everything from 20482875-20484095 and 1465144064 with zero's?
  4. This is what it comes up as... Does it seem correct? Main difference is that it shows 1023 instead of 1024 like you posted. If everything seems alright then I'm about to change... 20482875 to 20484096 -and- 1444661190 to 1444661248 Holding a rabbit's foot btw.
  5. What I did before was open the first 200 sectors of partition 2 and not the physical drive. The partition does begin with EB52904E54465320. When I open the physical drive to sector 20482940...the 200 sectors are all empty. Ok so when I open partition 2 the first string is EB52904E54465320 then I search and find it again on sector 1221, which is attached. 1,465,145,343-1,465,144,064=1,279 Sectors attached. 1465144064 and 1465145343.zip 1221.zip
  6. Attached. String EB52904E54465320 shows up in sectors 1,465,144,064 and 1,465,145,343. B) first 200 of partition2.zip
  7. BINGO!!!! I started searching for FILE0 again starting at the last sectors I posted and before I found 300+ sectors with FILE0. I was writing them all down and I ran out of room on the paper. I still had 40000 sectors to go till 6291521. So I decided to skip to sector 6291521 just to check it and you are right...that's where the $MFT is. I attached a file with 1000 sectors (100 before 6291521 and 900 after )because there were many FILE0's. Should I still be checking? 6291521.zip
  8. Once again I appreciate your help!! Attached is a zip folder which contains 7 files. The name of the files are the actual sectors which contain FILE0. Two files have many sectors with FILE0 in them...those file names contain "and a lot" in the file name. There are more sectors I keep finding. sectors.zip
  9. The date code on the drive is 09122 so a date of 15/02/2005 is not possible. Should I post screenshots of the individual sectors with FILE0 or post zip of 200 sectors? There are probably 50-100 more sectors with FILE0 (not all next to each other). Can I disregard most of those sectors? Should I be looking for other syntax with FILE0?
  10. So it would mean that all files created after that date will not show up? Are the other sectors irrelevant? There got to be about 100 sectors with FILE0 in them. How do we proceed?
  11. Attached are the sectors...two files with 200 sectors each. Also...more FILE0 sightings... Sectors 6185824(pictured) 6185837 6191570 6193371 6193386 maybe more...it's scanning sectors.zip
  12. They're everywhere... 1083587 1083589 1083591 1083593 1083595 1083597 1083599 1083601 1083603 1083605 1083607 1083609 1083611 1083613 1083615 Then starting at sector 10833634 they show up somewhere in the middle of sectors (always somewhere different) not at the beginning...and not every other sector. Sometimes the next sector or sometimes 3-4 away. Then they start having multiple FILE0's in the sectors. If you need all the sector number I can do that...there's probably like 50 more. It's just scanning now and has not found anything in a while.
  13. Ok I found the next 13 sectors with FILE0. 1081543 1081545 1081547 1081549 1081551 1081553 1081555 1081557 1081559 1081561 1081563 1081565 I attached a file showing 50 sectors starting at 1081543. I will continue searching for more FILE0's. 1081543-1081582.zip
  14. The disk was Vista 64, but I'm nit sure if it was XP before that. I will search starting that that sector.
  15. Is this amazing or what?!?!?!? sector 1081543 Although something seems odd.
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