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  1. Hi all, I've recently installed a RIS on Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition. The problem that I'm facing is that the RIS server doesn't increment my computer number. So every time I install a new pc, it has the same name as I configured it into Remote Installation Services Properties. Is there a way that I can enter manually the computer number when RIS starts the installation? My ristndrd.sif file looks like this: [data] floppyless = "1" msdosinitiated = "1" OriSrc = "\\%SERVERNAME%\RemInst\%INSTALLPATH%\%MACHINETYPE%" OriTyp = "4" LocalSourceOnCD = 1 [setupData] OsLoadOptions = "/noguiboot /fastdetect" SetupSourceDevice = "\Device\LanmanRedirector\%SERVERNAME%\RemInst\%INSTALLPATH%" [unattended] OemPreinstall = yes DriverSigningPolicy = Ignore OemPnpDriversPath = \Drivers\A01;\Drivers\C01;\Drivers\N01;\Drivers\V01 FileSystem = LeaveAlone ExtendOEMPartition = 0 TargetPath = \WINDOWS OemSkipEula = yes InstallFilesPath = "\\%SERVERNAME%\RemInst\%INSTALLPATH%\%MACHINETYPE%" LegacyNIC = 1 UnattendMode = "ReadOnly" OemSkipEula = yes [userData] FullName = "%USERFIRSTNAME% %USERLASTNAME%" OrgName = "%ORGNAME%" ComputerName = %MACHINENAME% ProductID = "win-serial" [GuiUnattended] OemSkipWelcome = 1 OemSkipRegional = 1 TimeZone = %TIMEZONE% AdminPassword = "password" [TapiLocation] CountryCode = 40 AreaCode = 268 [RegionalSettings] InputLocale = 0409:00000409 SystemLocale = 0409 UserLocale = ”0409 [Display] BitsPerPel = 16 XResolution = 800 YResolution = 600 VRefresh = 60 [Networking] [NetServices] MS_Server=params.MS_PSched [identification] JoinDomain = RO MachineObjectOU = "%MACHINEOU%" CreateComputerAccountInDomain = Yes DoOldStyleDomainJoin = Yes [RemoteInstall] Repartition = Yes UseWholeDisk = Yes [OSChooser] Description ="Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2" Help ="Automatically installs Microsoft Windows XP Professional without prompting the user for input." LaunchFile = "%INSTALLPATH%\%MACHINETYPE%\templates\startrom.com" ImageType =Flat Version="5.1 (2600)" I saw that in ?:\RemoteInstall\OSChooser\English is a file called custom.osc, but I don't know how to add this file into RIS setup process. Did anybody encountered this issue? Thanks in advance.