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  1. Tripredacus, Well, not a silly question at all -- I let it run overnight and it had only moved a further 125 or so files. Since it still had ~32,000 entries left to go, who knows how long it would have taken to get to the end. Half a year?? I finally stopped the scan after it sat on the same number for about two hours this morning. When I scanned the Win98FE as a network drive through the Vista PC, both the N360 scan and the online Eset NOD scanner took "normal" amounts of time, Eset NOD finishing up in less than an hour and a half. The interesting thing about this is that, if I try to run that scanner directly on the Win98FE, it crashes about a third of the way through. --JorgeA Spybot introduced an error with the Trojan sbi files for Windows 98. I reported this to Spybot but they do not want to fix it. The way to scan is to remove/rename the trojan sbi files (about 5 of them). This way it will scan and finish. After it finish, you can copy the file back into the folder/rename one at a time and run the scan for it. Once the tojan scan finishes, remove/rename it again and copy/rename the next file. Repeat that 4 more times so that it scanned for it.
  2. Sorry for the late repy. Lost my internet until late April or May. Visiting a friend's so I figure I see if there was any replies. The same show works on nbc.com but does not work on hulu. Since show on nbc like Life, Heros, etc work without any problem,it must be something with flash player or hulu.om. I am trying to get hulu to work since abc does not work with the plugin they have. I tried User Agent Switcher but it does not work on Hulu. It use to work on abc.com before they got that plugin thing that is requried to be installed. Now it does not work on it as well. MS IE 6.0 SP1 I have it installed and the same problem is on it like Firefox. It plays video for 6 secs and stops it and audion plays. It is interesting that the ads on hulu play find without any problems but the shows do not play.
  3. Hello, I did a search and nothing has come up so I am posting this hoping that someone knows how to fix it. I have Windows 98 + Flash 10 + Kernelex 4 + Firefox 3.5 and most sites with flash work fine like IGN, gamespy, gamespot, msnbc, etc. For some reason, Hulu does not want to work. It load a movie for about 6 seconds and the video stops but the audio is still there. If I press pause several times, the video moves a few frames. I also try looking at tv.msn.com but that is also brought by hulu so the same problem is there. I did a google search and found something similar about 3 seconds than video stopping and audio continues but they said that it should be fixed in Flash 10. I tried some of the suggestions hoping that it might fix it but did not work. Here is what I have already tired: Uninstall and reinstall Flash Uninstall Firefox and Flash and reinstall Running Firefox in safe mode/normal with all add ons off Running Firefox in safe mode/normal with all add ons off & all plugins disable except the flash plugin Has some had this problem and knows how to solve it? Or might know of a way to solve it. Thanks for any help that can be provided. Sincerely, conway

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