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  1. What really makes me angry is that I know I have the firmware version SD15 that is having the problems but Seagate won't give me the firmware update. I had to search the net for an update from Dell that contains the update ISO. Buncha basterds. I can officially say that I am anti-Seagate. Another classic example of a company pushing products on the market when they had obviously not done any quality control on it. Also if you look at the soldering on the chips.....not very good either.....even if I do get the firmware updated I would not trust this drive.
  2. I just did the procedure to recover data on my seagate and it actually worked (thank you very much to the author) my question is: has anyone continued to use the drives after this procedure? I am pulling all my data off of it and putting it on my new western digital hard drive but am just curious if anyone has continued to use these with any success.
  3. my seagate 7200.11 just stopped working. It's really odd though, it will recognize at first and I can scan with some recovery programs and then all of a sudden it will just disappear and nothing can see the drive anymore. I was using this as my backup drive....I had images....music....movies.....everything on it. I will never buy another seagate product again. I work as a network admin and you better believe I know a lot of people and will tell everyone I can the same thing. I guess seagate really doesn't care about us consumer based customers though. Ohhh and Seagate apparently says that according to my serial number I am not in need of the firmware update.