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  1. WD5000AAKX-001CAO Caviar Blue

    Hello submix and jaklaz, thank you for your answers. This hdd is hooked up to this SATA to IDE adapter: http://www.ebay.it/itm/130556839661?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 because my motherboard has not sata connection, only IDE The motherboard is a ASUS A7N8X-X with 1 GB of ram and AMD Sempron 2800+ processor P.S. I have other 2 WD5000AAKX caviar blue sata which i have hoocked to the same adapter, but i never had trouble with those. The firmware version of this 2 hdd is 19.01H19, the faulty one has version 15.01H15 I neever used jumpers for all of them!
  2. Hello, i bought 2 months ago a new harddrive Western Digital caviar blue sata. MDL: WD5000AAKX-001CAO Firmware: 15.01H15 S/n: WMAYUA552892 WWN: 50014EE05865EFA6 DATE: January 2, 2012 DCM: DGNNHV2CE DCX: 50091ARC2 Product of Malaysia I used this hdd only few times just for backup When i turn on the computer, the operating system (installed on my main seagate hard drive) hangs with black screen and it doesn't load. But if i disconnect the WD the S.O. is loaded normally, then I tried using mhdd in dos, and all areas of WD are read very very very slowly (anywhere on surface disc). The read rate is about 100 sectors per second! I'm so unlucky!!! I don't think platters are damaged, because a day worked perfectly, and the next day all sectors are delay, perhaps are the heads? Heads are not clicking or nocking, disk noises are all normal. With idriverepair I did analyse the firmware remotely and has not been detected any problem. I know it's under warranty, but correct me if I'm wrong, the data are not covered under warranty right? I'm desperate and very sad for all lost data, help me please!! :( P.S. I also checked the drive with official WD tool Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for DOS The response was ERROR/STATUS CODE: 007, which means Self Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology (SMART) error Please help me to get back my data of this WD
  3. The Solution for Seagate 7200.11 HDDs

    Excuse me i was wrong. The hard drive with tick heads and busy fw which i repaired with the firmware solution was not a diamondmax 22, but a barracuda 7200.11 ST31000333AS with firmware LC15. The diamondmax22 i fixed few days ago had only busy error and gave me normale message (no Zone re-format was skipped message and no ASCII Diag Mode message).
  4. The Solution for Seagate 7200.11 HDDs

    Hello, i've a barracuda 7200.11 ST31000333AS hard drive which had the busy issue. I was able to fix it with the rs232/TTL adapter and hyper terminal. I repaired baracudas 7200.11 in the past with the same problem, but i hade different message in hyper terminal. This barracuda has lc15 firmware had the orrible tick tick head noise which made me fought that the issue was in dead heads (not the firmware), but for curusity i tried to do the firmware fix and it worked, no more tick ticks and bios recognize it again So no bad heads! The strange message i had in hyperterminal for the ST31000333AS, was at the end which says "Zone re-format was skipped" It never happened with barracudas. It's normal? Barracuda 7200.11 ST31000333AS firmware LC15 (BUSY error + ticking heads) But the "Zone re-format was skipped" wasn't the only strange thing! As yuo can see in the pic i had at the begin the "ASCII Diag Mode" message which i never had with the barracudas procedure. Another difference between this and the others barracudas was the time it took to format the user partition; barracuda usually take's about 2 minutes, some time few seconds, but this one take about 5 minutes.
  5. The Solution for Seagate 7200.11 HDDs

    Hi, i recovered my hd from BSY error. My hd is Barracuda 7200.11 500 GB ST3500820AS with firmware SD81. First didn't work breaking the contact of the motor with the peapar, then i tried with the peapar on heads contact and didn't work also. So i tried breaking both the contant and it worked. So now i should upgrade the firmware to SD1A version but i'm scared, if something goes wrong?? Even if it goes well, it's that sure i will not have some issue in the future (example read and write speed limited performance)?? So now i ask you, there is a way to backup my original SD81 firmware? So in case i may restore it again!!