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  1. need assistance... have reached to the point that i typed the commend: m0,2,2,,,,,2,2 but nothing happens. what should i do now??? pls help
  2. thanks, but even with Ctrl+Z, nothing appears on the screen... this is my problem.
  3. situation remains the same. any idea? anyone who can assist? do not know what else to try... pls pls pls
  4. Please help. The situation is: I have used a serial ttl adaptor which works ok for the 38400 speed (verified by running the loopback test). I am using a separate PSU than that of the PC running the HyperTerminal software. I have grounded the separate PSU and the PC PSU together. I have connected the GND pin to the separate PSU molex connector (black wire). I have connected the TX/RX cables in the right order (I have aslo tried the reverse). The ttl adaptor has two LED indicators labeled TX and RX (TX:Green RX:Red). When I run the Loopback test the HyperTerminal software identified the baud rate and correctly displayed it on its window (38400 8-N-1) and both LEDS were blinking on every keystroke and were not lit when nothing was pressed on the keyboard. When i connected the ttl adaptor to the HDD both LEDS were lit constantly (not blinking) and there was no output on the HyperTerminal screen (regardless of pressing any key or not) nor was the baud rate identified. When i reversed the TX/RX cables the only difference was that the RX LED (Red) was constatly lit and the TX LED was not lit at all (Green). The HDD is able to spin if only the SATA power cable is connected and this must indicate that the disk and the pcb are still alive. Finally I have tried isolating the spin motor connector as well as the data connectors (not at the same time of course). Guys please help...
  5. i have a problem with this procedure. seems to me that i have done anything correctly, but i cannot connect to the hyperterminal (nothing appears on the screen when i type (i.e. ctrl+z). what can be the fault? another questions is the foll: if i will purchase another (similar) 7200.11 hdd, update the firmware and then replace the PCB of the new/working HDD, with the PCB of the daffective HDD, will this work, so as to at least recover my data from the old HDD? thnaks beforehand for your assistance