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  1. in the end i got the line without: User Partition Format 10% complete, Zone 00, Pass 00, LBA 00004339, ErrCode 00000080, Elapsed Time 0 mins 05 secs i got the live above and the line below, but i didnt get this line. hdd worked for 5 min. what does it mean?
  2. i tried to boot the pc one day, and it wouldnt. got the pc to a lab, they said, hd isnt beeing recognized. didnt take me long to find out all about the 7200.11 seagate saga. i tried the fix in sites.google.com/site/seagatefix , i didnt have the rs232 to ttl so somone made one for me from a circute i found on the web. i tried the fix and than, hd was detectble. i could see every file in dos ona different pc than mine i could not load vista on that drive it had some file missing, but it did try to run vista. i took the drive and conected it to a different pc as a non os drive, just to take the files out. it was recognized. it took it a while but it found drive d and i could see all the files there (pics were opening in thumbnails,it was all there) c: wasnt detected and said that drive needed reformating. i started to copy d: to back up, i got 5 min of backup and d dissapeared. i got about 6 gigs of stuff that was mosly backed up, didnt get the unbacked stuff. next time i booted both c and d were detected but un avalible, next hd wasnt detected by bios. sometimes it was sometimes it wasnt but c and d werent even in my computer anymore. and every time i start it gives 3 clicks of death and starts spining. i sent drive to a data recovery company, after 24 hours they said it had a head crash and nothing is accessible (but i suspect its a company that doesnt try to do anything if it takes too long to fiddle with the drive) my question is, if it was a head crash how come using the fix revived the hd for a short time, is it possible i did the fix wrong and the pcb is screwing the hd reading attempts? all the other company did is open the cover and look, they didnt try anything else. any sugestions? (yesterday i got the original rs232 to ttl actually used in the fix from vendor the guy fixing it used mybe using it would work?) thank you