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  1. Hello. thanks to this great forum i've made a nlite version of my windows xp pro witch works perfectly. but i made a mistake, i've removed active desktop with nlite. as i'd rather not format and reinstall again just for this feature, is there any way (copy files from original cd, regedit ....) to reactivate active desktop ? Thanks a lot and sorry for my poor english.
  2. Hello. I need some help to install windows seven in a special way. I have a software raid 0 (yes i know it's not as fast and reliable as a hardware raid) made with windows seven. 1 partition of 50 go and 1 of 250 go. I also have a 60go sata hard drive. As windows seven can't install on dynamic drive (and of cource i need dynamic drive to make my software raid array) i think to install it on a virtual drive located on the software raid zero array. I've made some test in virtualbox, i can mount the virtual drive without any problem but can't install windows seven on it, it says me there is no boot partition usable. So is there any way to make a boot part of windows seven on my spare 60go sata hard drive witch alow me to install and boot windows seven on the virtual hard drive located in the dynamic drive, or why not make a boot part on the 60go sata drive with allow me to directly install windows seven on the dynamic drive itself ? If anyone know if it's can be done. Thanks a lot
  3. Windows 2000 pe ?

    i'm only looking for a test/recovery cd, not for a complete os bootable, so i think i'll be fine with it. have you any link ? ++
  4. Windows 2000 pe ?

    Hello, i have a windows 2000 licence and don't want to buy winxp one because win 2000 is ok to me. i've tried bart's pe builder but it sais me i need at least winxp to make a pe windows cd. does anyone know how to make a windows 2000 pe ? is it possible ? thanks. ++