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  1. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Well Brisbane and the Gold Coast particularly have changed a great deal since then. Very affluent area now, and has the fastest growing population area in Australia (so fast we are running out of water! Everywhere has water restictions. So you need to install rain water tanks/bores or forget about washing your car/house or having a decnt garden). Must sound strange given the lushness of Germany (or at least that is my uninformed impression based on doco's and books). Do you live in a metropolitan centre, or in the country ? I imagine the country areas are probably densely populated ? The few friends I have that have visted germany, and surrounds, have all described the beauty of the countryside, and the cold ! For me I would be very interested in the history of the area, such a rich culture going back to charlagmaigne and beyond(apologies for the spelling). My primary reason for wanting to visit Europe in the future is the culture and history. I guess that may be a natural consequence in living in a comparitively young country. Anyway enough rambling. Hmmm, that is interesting. I had thought of something similar, but dismissed it due to my lack of knowledge, and my confidence in the developer. I am backing the system back to AHCI(native) mode tonight and re-installing (to detremine if its a RAID problem or not). I can't remember if I installed the app after getting AHCI working or not, I think I just assumed it would work and then pressed on to getting RAID working. So I better test it, to determine the cause. Nothing is ever simple, is it ? Thanks again, will let you know the result for interest sake. Its just started to rain here, I guess I can take a shower tonight then Ok so that is a little melodramatic. Take it easy cobber (pronounced COB-BAR but spoken relatively quickly, and older colloquilism analogous to mate) PS Apologies for the typos in my correspondance, I am having significant trouble getting used to the keyboard of my new laptop. The keys are set about 15-20cm forward from the base, which is very odd and takes some getting used to. I keep hitting the wrong keys. Worse I am not actually typing that fast. Though admittedly with some words its just my lack of spelling ability
  2. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Hello No worries, be glad to meet you in person should your sojourn bring you to Aus in the future. (PS Toowoomba is a town, 100,000 people (thats a lot for a non capital in Australia), and lies about 2 hours west of Brisbane in Queensland) A quick (well hopefully quick) question if you have time ? Is there any reason why/how the SATA RAID drivers could interefere with application startups ?? The reason I ask is that,as I think I mentioned previously, originally I set up XP successfully by setting the BIOS disc mode to ATA and installing a vanilla XP +SP2 (with no slipstreamed drivers). This worked fine but was non-optimal, so thats when I looked into AHCI and RAID drivers. However prior to doing this I got everything running fine. Unfortunatel, now with the same setup (exact as far as I can fathom), one of my Apps won't execute (CTD). A little background : As I mentioned I have a programming background, with a strong skill set in graphic programming. Unfortunately my current job does not allow me to indulge my interest in graphics and as such my only outlet is hobbysit stuff I do from time to time. Currently I am looking at writing my wn 3D engine (well actually just investigating, as the main project will be done next year when I have the time and knowledge to do it properly. At the moment I am just wriiting little apps that emulate what I find in popular 3D games that are currently available. My current project is an investigation of 3D sound, not something I know much about yet, and emulating what I find in popular PC games. Currently I am investigating Fallout 3. Fallout 3 works fine in Vista but the sound in not 3D, due to the removal of the HAL layer by Microsoft. As such I needed to employ XP to truly appreciate the 3D sound offered (without using Alchemy which doesn't work with my creative card for Fallout 3 anyway). Unfortunately the game stops at startup ( a windows is created, empty and black, before crashing back to desktop without an error message. The same game, with the same xp drivers and the handfull of app I have installed, works fine with the ATA BIOS setting. Is there any reason you can think of why the RAID drivers could be interfering with the games startup ? The software does use Securom, which apperntly can have problems with SATA drives but I am not convinced it is a securom problem. If you can think of any incompatibility that might cuase this effect, I would appreciate the heads up. I would prefer to keep using RAID, then back up to ATA for a few weeks until I have emulated all I can (could be less dependent on the quality of the sound, and effects). Thanks for your time, I would appreciate any insights you may have if you have the time. Regards from Aus
  3. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Hello Guess what ? The dual boot installation went off without a hitch. Honestyly when it rains it pours (for good or bad). Everything is working just fine. Even managed to find every XP driver for my unsupported M17X (or at least unsupported in XP), except one (an Avertv card, not sure why the avertv xp driver fails but it does). Considering where I started and where I have ended up, I couldn't be happier. Sometimes life just gives you one. In regards to your question : 1. Sorry I use the word die as a pseudonym for BSOD. 2. I was born in Darwin (Capital of the Northern Territory), in 91 I was doing year 12 there(last year of high school before university in Australia), by 95 I had completed my (almost ashamed to say it given my littany of newbie errors during the RAID installation) computer science degree and was doing my honours degree. I was then employed as a junior lecturer for 2 years (computer science - grapahics, AI, and C/C++ programming), then I moved to Adelaide (Capital of South Australia ) where I worked for the Department of Defence in their R & D organization. Worked there for 7 years then moved to Toowoomba (my current residence, about 120,000 people, Queensland), where I have lived for the past 5 years. Apprently my math doesn't add up as I am missing a year, well close enough for a brief bio As you descibed Australia as beautifull then you could not have been to Darwin Adelaide is nice, its a more quite town with about 1 million people. Sydney is probably the cultural hub (6Million), Melbourne is more the sporting heart of the country (3-4Million),then you have Brisbane which is very much the tourist town of Australia (i think about 3 million), Perth which is a little like adelaide but on the west coast and more affluent (1 million), and finally Hobart (tasmania , the most beautifull spot in Australia, but terribly inbred - you think I am kidding - well sort of) and Canberra the Capital (like Washington it is small, about 100,00, and only exists to support the nations beuracracy). I have been pretty much everywhere in my own country, but never overseas. I really want to one day, but when I have the time and money to do it right. Europe will be my first destination, Africe and the States are also high on the list. Sorry, thats a long answer to your question, got a little carried away. Feel free to email, should you get bored. (If you can decipher my fiendishly clever coding scheme used in the previous post) Regards and once again my gratefull thanks. PS I should add that people like you are the karmic balance in the world, for most computer/software technical support.
  4. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Hello again IT WORKED !!!!!!!!!! I don't know if I was mistaken before when I said I had tried it (I had the same version on my hard drive ??), or whether I accidently selected the IDE diver, or maybe didn't enable RAID in the BIOS, or what ??? But whatever I did wrong, this driver works perfectly !!!!! YOU LITTLE RIPPER (Australian colloquilism meaning great). I am so relieved. This would not have been possible without your help : firstly for the modifed driver and secondly for pointing out my own stupidity to me. Thankyou on both counts. I still have to get the dual boot thing going, as I have only been just installing XP for now. There may be some complications with my reinstall discs (as I think they have an extra partition for recovery). Hopefully it will be just a matter of trial an error. Thankyou again so much for your help. If you need benchmarking or other info from my setup then please don't hesitate to ask and I will get it to you. My email is gabrielforums AT gmail DOT com , should you need to contact me directly (NOTE : it is gabriel not gariel as my username says, I mistyped when I registered). NOTE : Trying to avoid the bots getting my email, I am sure you can decipher it. Probably wont work, but worth a try. Regards and Well Wishes PS Will post if I get the dual boot thing working, should hopefully be just a matter of time.
  5. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Hello thankyou for your response, Having read a few more of your other pages I see that you get bothered by a lot of people, so I really appreciate the help. With regards to your reply : 1. When I meant the old/new versions of the M17X, the old version was made by ALienware prior to Dell take over and is called the m17x, the new version is made by Dell/Alienware and was released June 3rd this year and is calld the M17X. The page I gave you would only have links to the Dell (ie the one I have) M17X. So you had the right one. 2. I figured that because it was working without raid with the NForce driver that it was nforce, but given my lack of knowledge, I did not know if other Intel/NVidia drivers could sometimes work . I assumed not, but I don't tend to like to do that when my knoweldge is lacking. I eventually got my boot screen to sow down and confirmed the NForce version 1.05.E1. 3. My last post was written poorly, what I meant to say was that I had slipstreamed the IDE driver (as you suggested) and got it working, but the RAID driver failed. The driver I was using was the one you suggested in your reply. However I have decided to try it again in case I made a mistake, as I have made a few lately and don't want to waste your time with spurious questions if the problem is my inattention to detail. 4. When it fails, I enable the BIOS SATA setting to RAID, then I go into the advanced setting and enable all options (an option to enable each of the discs, and an option that allows me to get into the menu that allows me to enable both the discs). 5. XP Dies a few minutes into the install, prior to be able to enter any input. I will try again, and let you know what happens. I will also list the drivers I have tried (as there have been a few). I don't no if this is correct but someone wrote on one of the other forums that it was impossible to get it going under XP for my Laptop as the SATA RAID drivers didn't exist for it. I don't know how knoweldgeable they were, or if they knew of your modded inf's but I do hope they are wrong. Thankyou once again for the time you have expended on my case, I know it is all voluntary. If there is any data you need from my tests (ie benchmarks etc) when I finish (whether it works or fails) please let me know and I will endeavour to provide you with what you wanted. I add this as I noticed on a few of your posts that you mentioned people were not providing you with any feedback/benchmarks after getting it working. So if you still are looking I will be hapy to oblige. Although, admittedly I don't know what bench,marking software you use, or exactly what you are after. Thanks once again. Regards
  6. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Hello Thanks for the warm welcome. Have actually been trying to reply to your for hours, but didn't realize that when I created my account I dropped a "b" from my username, garielforums should have been gabrielforums. Didn't undertsnad why changing my password wouldn't help. What a gumbie error. With regards to your advice, i am having trouble trying to find out what my system uses. Are you sure my system uses the intel raid drivers, I have the new M17X (allpowerfull) not the old m17x (why don't they give them new names). Although I doin't know what my system uses, I believe the old m17x used the jmicron/intel combination. Also when I install without RAID (Native AHCI) I slipstream in the nforce SATA RAID drivers and the install works fine. The dvice is listed as an NForce Satat driver when I succefully complete the install. Now my knoweldge of this area is minimal and you are obviously an expert, so I don't want to appear arrogant here. I just want to make sure we are the same page. See I dont even know what model my RAID device is, the driver I slipstream has a generic sounding title. None of the Specs I have for my machine go into the SATA device (in anything but a generic way) so I am not sure. Internet searching has not helped yet. I know that from my Dell download site (which only has vista driver, it has a chipset driver for the MCP79, is this the RAID device ? Here is the link to my system at Dell : http://supportapj.dell.com/support/downloa...tid=&impid= I don't know if this is relevent or not but the system comes with an intgrated GeForce 9400 card and 2 SLI GeForce 280M Video Cards. It also has the NVidia Ethernet Driver. I don't want to be presumptious about you helping me, but I would greatly appreciate it as I am trying to get a system up by Monday. Currently all I am doing is setting the BIOS to RAID, using nlite to slipstream the nforce driver and windows XP SP2 Home, and then letting the system run. Works fine without RAID , dies with RAID. Could I be using the wrong driver (ie NVIDIA over Intel) and the system still be installing in AHCI mode ? Or is this not possible. I got all my information, prior to coming to MSFN from a "XP HOWTO for the M17X", which I think the author gleaned from these pages. They said they couldn't get it going with RAID or in Native AHCI only Legacy. So far Native AHCI works fine for me, just no RAID. If you need any more info please let me know, I will be online for the next 4 hours. I also understand if you cannot offer anymore individual help. Thankyou very much for your first reply, and in advance should you choose to offer further assistance. Regards
  7. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Hello I have an Alienware M17X (new Dell version) with 2 * 500GB hard drive. I was wondering what drivers I need to slipstream into windows XP for installation ? The installation fails (BSOD) when trying raid, although AHCI (native) mode works, but not raid. ANy ideas Thanks