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  1. sysprep - unattended

    No matter what I try, it still requires creating a new user. Even removing <computername> as instructed. I've added a screen shot of what it looks like.
  2. sysprep - unattended

    I'm only running the Unattended file so where would I put this? Also I had already removed the computername from the xml so that's why I was given that option already.
  3. sysprep - unattended

    I believe I've tried this before but I'll try it to see if it work....also, is there a way to bypass the limited number of times you can sysprep a machine? I read something about skiprearm but does this really work?
  4. sysprep - unattended

    I don't think Windows 7 is setup the same way as XP. AFAIK the only way to avoid having to manually create a user during setup, is to create one inside the XML. Then you will need to add a single command on first boot which will automagically delete the account. If someone knows how to do this from inside the XML they have not shared with us.See post #7 in this thread. and throw this in your XML User Accounts section. <UserAccounts> <LocalAccounts> <LocalAccount wcm:action="add"> <Password> <Value></Value> <PlainText>true</PlainText> </Password> <DisplayName>MrJinje</DisplayName> <Group>Guests</Group> <Name>MrJinje</Name> </LocalAccount> </LocalAccounts> </UserAccounts>add this script to Delete the dummy user (AKA that dummy "MrJinje" for example), I am sure you have a script that runs on first boot, add it there. NET USER MrJinje /DELETEThis allows you to keep your modified user account with custom apps installed and also creates/deletes a MrJinje account to avoid being prompted during install. Anyone else got a better way, we are all ears. I haven't tested this yet but wouldn't this bypass the OOBE? I need it to go through OOBE but not require the account creation. There has got to be a way to do this....I hope. Right now my solution is to create the account, login to the Admin account and delete the account I'm required to create. At that point all is well but it sure would be nice to not have to do that.
  5. sysprep - unattended

    I have successfully syspreped a computer. Once I have the system setup the way I want it, I use BartPE to upload my image to the network. I then use BartPE to pull the image to a different computer successfully. This is the part where I'm running through the OOBE and don't want to see the option to create a new user because in the image there is already the Administrator and 1 other user. All I want/need to do is give the new computer a name without creating a new user. Also, I've tried creating an image with just the Administrator account and running through OOBE and creating a new user but I end up having to setup everything (programs) in that new user the way I need them to be. This is not the way that will work for me but I just did it as testing. Is this why when I pull the sysprepped image to another computer it loses the Admin password I already setup? Also, thank you for help.
  6. sysprep - unattended

    Question, when you install your DVD does it actually complete the installation, or are you still getting errors. I'm not convinced your autounattend.xml is even working, judging by the previous two, there were many errors that would stop the installation cold. We need to fix those first. Based on your verbiage I assume you did not remove the <ComputerName> section like instructed. The only way to make it prompt you for a computer name is to remove the <ComputerName> section from whichever XML you are using (edit with notepad if have to). For the user thing, why not create a dummy account via the XML so you don't get prompted and then delete that account during the setupcomplete.cmd phase so you don't have to worry about it. EDIT: If you attach (not post as text), you XML I will take a look and check it with WSIM. Not sure if the Quote/Code tags are altering the text somehow. Let me explain a little more clearly about what I'm trying to do because maybe I'm being misunderstood. I have already installed Windows 7 on a PC. I have 2 accounts already setup (Administrator and 1 other user). I don't want to add any more users. All I need to be able to do is run sysprep with an unattended file that will not require me to create a new user but at the same time I do want to be able to give a computer name when I add my (image) to another computer. So, I need the OOBE to run but without requiring me to create a new user account. This is our current process we use with Windows XP. I've attached my current Unattended file I've been working with. Autounattended_Test.xml
  7. sysprep - unattended

    I haven't had a response about this and I'm still stumped as how to only have the option to set a computer name and not have to create a new user.
  8. purpose of sysprep

    How do you set in an unattend xml file to not ask to create a username but at the same time let you create a computer name? I've been trying to do this in Win 7 and thought I'd look at the Vista section to see if it has already been answered.
  9. sysprep - unattended

    The first xml was created with WAIK but it will not work so I found a different xml that works but requires me to create a user which I then have to go into the Admin account and delete because I already created all the users when setting up the image. When I use this image on different computers I need to be able to give the computer a name (not setup a user) but every time I run through the setup process I can't figure out a way to only see the computer name option. I did at one point make it not have the computer name but it randomly assigns a name which is no good. Also, when creating the image I've already set the Admin and 1 addition user password. In XP sysprep was some much easier.
  10. sysprep - unattended

    Same results. I came up with another unattend file that I found online that sorta works but I have a question. I need to be able to run the setup to add a computer name but I don't want to have to setup a user name since I already created a user account that I want to use when the image was setup.
  11. I have created a windows 7 install that I want to now sysprep with an unattended file to be able to use that image on multiple machines with our volume license. The problem I'm having is that when I run sysprep (sysprep.exe /generalize /oobe /shutdown /unattend:C:\Autounattended.xml) it runs then shuts down like it should. When I reboot it starts and loading but then I get I have the admin account already setup with the Windows install and 1 other user, so I want to be able to skip the option to create a user but I do want to give the pc a name when the computer starts up the setup process. Here is my unattend file: