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  1. Just wanted to post another successful case of fixing the BSY error. Mine is a 500 Gb SD15 7200.11. Initially I had trouble in getting any response from the HD in hyperterminal. I first tried to make the connection using a modified Siemens serial data cable, but got no response from the HD in the terminal session. I then ordered a Nokia CA-42 clone data cable labelled IL40083821 (5 unmarked wires on PCB: black, blue, white, orange, green) and eventually performed the fix successfully with this cable (I had trouble getting a response from the HD with this one as well). Here's some data for anyone else using an identical cable: - Cable wire colours: Black = GND, White = TX, Blue = RX - Cable does not require external power - A loopback test will fail with this cable for some reason. Others with the same cable have reported similar behaviour, but the terminal connection works nevertheless. - Cable will show up as a Prolific USB to Serial device. No driver installation required (if memory serves me right...). I used the power supply of a SATA-to-USB cable to power the HD during the fix. Make sure that the connection to the HD pins is solid. I believe I had trouble forming a connection due to poor connection with HD pins. (I used wires & pins from an ordinary LED header, and soldered the header wires onto the appropriate CA-42 wires and isolated the pins with shrink wrap.) Like wimski99's barracuda, mine also performed the format in 0 seconds, so don't be alarmed if you receive a similar response from the HD. Thanks go to Gradius for this excellent tutorial and nitrohelix for the YouTube video (my compliments on the excellent choice of background music).