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  1. Hello johnhc, I got it from here: http://www.adaptec.com/en-US/speed/scsi/wi...63_cert_exe.htm These seem to be the only set of drivers with HostRAID enabled that are Microsoft Certified. I did not slipstream using the /i switch. What does that switch do? If that is an issue, it is indeed weird that the drivers without HostRAID are able to work, but not the MS Certified HostRAID drivers.
  2. Fernanado 1: Is there any way to edit this txtsetup.oem to get it to work with the slipstream? The weird thing is that last time when I did a reinstallation of Windows XP (and when I had a working FDD), the drivers on the floppy worked good in allowing detection of the SCSI drives. If it worked with a floppy, I don't understand what's preventing the slipstream process from working. Moreover, I used v1.02 of the drivers on that driver page, and during initialization, I saw "Adaptec SCSI v1.02xxxx" being loaded in the message area at the bottom of the setup window. johnhc: I slipstreamed the SP3 when I had a good working WinXP setup in the same box. Until I upgraded my box and I had to do a reinstallation, and I realised my FDD was spoilt, which led to me trying to use nlite to slipstream my SCSI drivers, which led to... ah you know the rest. ;-) Rewriteable media, yeah I found one stashed away in a corner. It's just tough to find these nowadays, and nobody buys them off the shelves anymore. Now if only Adaptec would release drivers for Windows7 or if I could get these to work properly under WindowsXP...
  3. OK beats. Thanks for the heads up. Using v7.0.0.6 and with HostRAID disabled on my controller, I can now get the WinXP setup to detect the hard drives. Now if only someone could point me in the right way to get the drivers with HostRAID enabled... that would be of great help!
  4. Now that sure is mighty strange. Why wouldn't the other window-certified drivers work? As a matter of fact, I do use HostRAID.
  5. I tried the windows certified drivers v1.02 on the drivers page for my adapter, and it didn't work. Another CD-R wasted. My last session .ini is attached in this message. Last_Session.ini
  6. It's an Adaptec 29320A-R. May I know if the drivers MUST be MS-certified? From the drivers page, I was using the one with HostRAID enabled (version for Windows 2000, 2003 & XP): http://www.adaptec.com/en-US/downloads/ms/...I+Card+29320A-R
  7. All of those have nothing to do with not being able to see/boot from an Adaptec SCSI controller. Make sure the Adaptec SCSI controller is set as the primary boot device in your PC BIOS, and make sure that you've configured your Adaptec card + SCSI drives as well (press CTRL+A to get in the Adaptec BIOS). Hi beats, my drive has already been detected by BIOS. It is already set up as primary boot device (I used to install WinXP on the same rig with the same BIOS settings, until my floppy disk drive broke, which was why I resorted to using nlite). I slipstreamed the drivers using txtmode and PnP, but both did not work at all.
  8. Hello john. My installation disc originally came with SP2. I slipstreamed SP3 into the disc and am now using nLite with this SP3 disc. Does that mean I have to use the SP2 disc to slipstream my SCSI drivers?
  9. Hi all, I've been trying to do the above, but it seems that during Windows XP setup, the initialization sequence just keeps telling me "No disk found". What gives? I already used nLite and I downloaded the drivers off Adaptec's website, and I inserted into nLite as text-mode only drivers. It just does not work. Has anyone out there successfully slipstreamed SCSI drivers into the WinXP installation disc using nLite? Please advise. Thank you very much in advance.

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