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  1. nvidia drivers for dell mini 9

    You got this error message, because you booted off a Windows XP CD, into which someone had integrated a wrong driver. No original XP CD contains a file named "NVRD32.SYS" and Windows Setup would never search for such file, unless someone had tried to load (F6) or to integrate any NVIDIA nForce SATARAID driver folder content. This was an absolutely wrong procedure, because your mainboard neither has an nForce chipset nor an nForce SATA/RAID Controller So, it would be fair to assume that the CD that came with the mini 9 was not a good one. Not a credit to the people involved in Dell´s packaging. And yet Dell´s customer service couldn´t be better, they took the mini on Monday and on Thursday I had it back with new software installed. Thank you Fernando for enlightening me.
  2. nvidia drivers for dell mini 9

    Please boot into Windows XP and open the Device Manager. Then look into the "IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers" and - if present - the "SCSI and RAID Controllers" sectionsThese are the only two controllers under IDE ATA/ATAPI - Canal IDE principal - Intel®82801G (ICH7 Family) Ultra ATA Storage Controllers - 27DF
  3. nvidia drivers for dell mini 9

    to Fernando 1 No, I am not even sure, that any of the related NVIDIA SATARAID drivers will work with your system.If you want help, you should give us the following informations: 1. Are you sure, that you really need to load/integrate a separate textmode driver? Windows XP SP3 can easily be installed without loading/integrating any third party driver, unless the SATA Controller has been set to "AHCI" or "RAID". Advice: Check your BIOS settings. Alternatively you may try to boot off the original XP CD. If your hdd/SSD will be detected, you don't need to load/integrate any driver. 2. Why do you think, that you need to load/integrate a NVIDIA textmode driver? Notice: According to my knowledge the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 has an Intel 945GSE chipset. Intel chipset RAID or AHCI systems usually need an Intel RAID/AHCI driver. 3. Who is the vendor and which is the chipset of the SATA Controller, where the hdd/SSD of your Dell Mini 9 is connected? Advice: If you can still boot into your old XP: Which Controllers are listed within the "IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers" and - if present - the "SCSI and RAID Controllers" sections of your XP Device Manager? Just post us the names of the listed Controllers 1. No, I´m not sure at all. I haven´t changed any settings. Where could I change the SATA controller from?. I´ve searching through the BIOS and never got to see that option. 2.- My only reason was some reading that I did through Forums. People related the "nvrd32.sys. file is missing" to not hsving the right drivers. Yes, the chipset is Intel 945 GM, and ". 3.-if I copied it right "Vendor 8086 Product 27A6". How can I find the info about the "SATA Controller, where the hdd/SSD of your Dell Mini 9 is connected". Yes, I can still boot into the old XP. I don´t know where to find the info about controllers you asked me about, Is it under Control Panel?. By the way I informed Dell Support Department about my plight, and they offered to come and pick up thee Mini 9. They asked me to carry out some Diagnostics, which showed no problems. They said it might have something to do with the OS CD not being good, and they would reinstall it themselves and provide me with another CD. The Mini is still under guarantee fortunately. to johnhc: I have pasted the Last Session.ini Thank you both very much Last_Session__2009.11.09_21.04.14_.ini
  4. nvidia drivers for dell mini 9

    a)I was referring to the first post by Fernando 1 in this same thread where I read the following: b)Could you explain about the "Last Session.ini" bit?. I´m s newbie. c) I wasn´t trying to reinstall with a USB stick. I bought myself an external CD/DVD drive and was using the CDs that came with the Mini 9. d)Thanks for your help. I will report back with my proceedings as soon as I get some results.
  5. nvidia drivers for dell mini 9

    Does anybody know which drivers of those in the first post should I slipstream into my CD? My mini is running Windows XP sp3. I´m trying to reinstall the XP, but I can´t get past the "nvrd32.sys. file is missing" screen. Thanks for your time. Pedro
  6. hi everyone

    Glad to finally have made it into the forum. Hope to learn a lot. (I know little) Pedro