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  1. That depends. WHS2011 is basically Server 2008R2 so yes you can login to the machine to install applications such as an FTP Server or whatnot, but it not designed as a desktop OS. It won't run games very well if at all, and using it as a standard-purpose desktop for web browsing and office tasks while doable, will be annoying due to the more stringent security policies and open up the server to attack. If you want a DEDICATED server box, go WHS2011, if it's gonna be a desktop doing some server tasks, but mostly personal useage go Win7.
  2. I did E-Mail the Vize team devs, so maybe they can come up with a solution or a workaround. All we need to do is figure out which change causes windows to hiccup. But as stated earlier, i'd rather have the CMSS-3D then the fancier icons. --Matt
  3. Yes, even if you don't disable enhancement's it still won't work, you have to unpatch Shell32.dll, then go into Sound, then double click the Speakers. Goto Sound Blaster tab and uncheck "Disable Enhancments". Then make sure CMSS-3D etc. are enabled in Creative's Audio Panel. Feel free to ask any questions an I'll see what I can do. --Matt
  4. I recently started having an issue with my X-Fi's CMSS-3D. Whenever it was enabled, WMP would not play any music, and Vista would return this error whenever I opened the Sound control panel: Windows has detected that audio enhancements for the following device are causing problems: Speakers (Creative SB X-Fi) Would you like to disable Driver Enhancements for this device? Clicking yes would disable CMSS-3D as well as other enhancements of the card, and allow WMP to work again, clicking no, WMP would fail to play anything and the error would continue. A very smart person on the Creative Labs tech support forum named Alcatr4zz found the problem. Whatever Vize/XPize patches in Shell32.dll causes the problem. As soon as shell32.dll is unpatched (leaving every other file patched), the issue goes away. I am posting this in hopes that the developers can find a workaround for this issue. Thanks! --Matt

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