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  1. Windows atapi driver

    I did try no filter same result I try anoter dvd reader i have (not a burner) and it read all dvd I have im afraid that I got a fail lg dvd burner Thanks im out ot the store spending more money
  2. Windows atapi driver

    for the chipset yes but the dvd driver is still the microsoft atapi (which is normal)
  3. Windows atapi driver

    It seem to be able to read only burned dvd I bough a dvd movie and can t read it ... its bran new but burning is fine now i do have deamon tool it tell me it read only in cooked mode and all dvd type are checked any idea ? last firmware 1.06
  4. Windows atapi driver

    ill try upgrading again to see if it give me an error msg
  5. Windows atapi driver

    Humm great to know that I tried to burn a DVD and it work so most of the problem is fixed only by the cable It is still weird that 2 dvd I have (including a bran new) can t be read any idea on this? Thanks
  6. Windows atapi driver

    I did something interesting here i change my old 40 wire cable to a 80 one (the onethat came with the mb) the drive is not set to UDMA 4 (in bios also) what can I do to acheive UDMA 6?
  7. Windows atapi driver

    Not the actual dvd driver but atapi driver should be a nforce one?? For your setup, the Microsoft driver is fine. Thanks then I still need help Did you install the correct motherboard drivers, and did you use the latest ones from the manufacturer's website? lastest from asus pack of 200mb (installed them right after windows installation) Is your Bios configured correctly? I think so to have a raid I must set them to raid not AHCI right? also upgraded to the lastest bios Is your drive's firmware the latest available? I did try to update it but when it end (with 1.06) tell me something about bad atapi driver for my model ... What programs are you using for burning, and what is the error or result? I tried with deamon no error just always stay at 0% and many dvd cannot be read (even new mb dvd) ps my dvd is a GSA-H55N One thing that was weird is many I reinstalled win7 3 time before getting it to work because of a weird error that make windows dont boot if my ide drive (connected with the dvd) was connected and the win7 dvd was not in the reader but would boot if the win7 was in the dvd (fixed my unplugging the IDE HDD) Thanks for your help
  8. Windows atapi driver

    Hi I have a m3n72-d motherboard my HDD are configured in RAID since I use a 3 disk raid5 I have a DVD burner on the IDE It half work I did install windows with it it read some dvd but not all and can't burn ... it was working fine with XP in device manager I see atapi driver channel 0 have my burner name but with DMA multimot 2(french sry) why it is not UDMA and the driver is provided my microsoft not NVIDIA I did install all my mother board driver and also tried to install sata-ide driver to this device but it fail to start (probably the driver when ahci and ide mode) how can I set nvidia driver? Is that my problem? PS win7 64bit